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Spreading the Love of Christ

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So many times I think about how God feels when just one of His children (saved or not saved) are blinded by the enemy and the lusts of this world and He has to be separated from them. We as believers have the ability to simply confess our sins and repent, and God graciously restores back to us His right standing. But what about the children that are not of this sheep pen, how do they find forgiveness and healing (emotional, physical, mental, etc...)?

In this past Christmas season we celebrated the Birth of The Holy And Anointed Christ Child, but how are we taking that Christ Child to the world today and every day? We are all ambassadors of the anointing of Christ. That bondage removing yolk destroying anointing. How are we showing or conveying that to the lost sheep of the world?

There are many of us who are separated now, or have been separated from our children in the past. And we know how God feels to be separated from His children, even if it is just a smidge. For i am sure that God's pain of being separated from His children is greater than we could even imagine. And those who do not have children, many of us have felt the loss or separation from a loved one or even a friend who has moved away for instance. In those times when my heart cries out to God because I miss my children so much it hurts, as I pour my brokenness unto the Lord, I believe that He has allowed for me to feel just a little tiny bit of what He feels. And it prompts me to pour my heart out in prayer for those who do not know that they have access to a Wonderfully Loving Father, that the enemy has blinded them to.

We as a body of Christ if we join our faith together can break those blinders off, by our showing people our love for them and each other in the Name of Jesus, and by being forgiveness agents to the world. If we would band together and every where we go would forgive everyone just as the Father has forgiven us (even though no one has wronged us) we could begin to open the prison doors for so many. And if we would follow Nehemiah's example and just build the wall in front of our own house (or pray for those in our own towns and cities and so forth) we would see a mighty revival. Jesus said in John 4:35 "you know the saying, "four months between planting and harvest". But I say wake up and look around. The fields are already ripe for harvest"

Now that we are getting in a good habit of giving of ourselves in love and obedience to God let us carry that into the new year and for the rest of our days. For the time is short and the Lord who is patient with us, that we should not perish desires that we do the same to others.

If you have not received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, what is holding you back? All you have to do is say with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and that you repent of all your sins, and your in. HIS creation power will come in and make your spirit white as snow, brand new. And over time as you renew your mind to the things of God, through the scriptures your worldly nature will follow.

May the Lord richly Bless all of you my brothers and sisters in Christ, throughout the new year. And may we all answer the call to be God's forgiveness agents to the rest of the world, especially to those who have wronged us. Many blessings to you!

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