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Sports vs Ethics and Morality

In my community, we have a fairly large university that has an NCAA Division I basketball program of some renown. Recently the men's basketball coach was told "resign or be fired". He chose to accept a lucrative severance pay package.

This coach was highly successful in that his teams were always conference champions or near-champions and had been to the NCAA tournament a number of times. But his "success" was not viewed in a favorable light by the university's new president and with good reason.

For one, the coach had been recently arrested for drunk driving and film clips from police cruiser cameras were on all the local TV news reports showing him staggering as he attempted to take the field sobriety test.

In addition, while his teams were amassing winning records statistically and sending several players to the NBA, Other players found themselves embroiled in legal problems over things like assault, drug trafficking and DUI. As a group, his student athletes had woeful GPAs and many of them did not graduate.

The new university president wants to raise the bar for the school's athletesl. She wants to see them put in serious scholastic effort, raise their GPAs to respectable levels and (gasp!) graduate.

There wasa great hue and cry from the local citizenry over this matter, but was it a hue and cry to support the school president's efforts to see student athletes graduating with decent GPAs; prepared for successful careers and ready tobe good role models?

Oh no. The hue and cry was over questions of how the men's basketball program will fare next season and in the future and the negative effect the firing has on the school's ability to recruit star high school players for the future.

In the United States, our priorities have gotten way out of kilter. How sad it is when sports trophies and winning records on the basketball court are more important than preparing young men to be good role models and leaders.

Spirit Led Ed
I agree ! I live in Southern New Jersey and our sports teams are the Philadelphia teams . We have Allen Iverson , who has to be one of the most obnoxious goof balls in the N.B.A. beside Ron Artest .

We also have Terrell Owens who thinks that 4 million dollars base pay unless he produces with his incentive packages , to play football this year is way to less for a guy like him to grace the Eagles with his greatness .

Then we have Jeremy Roenick who the Flyers just got rid of , tell the fans that if they don't like him wanting more that his 5 million dollars a year to play hockey , they can all kiss his you know what !

The sad thing is , fans allow this and actually embrace these guy's with all their ungodly greed , only because the teams may win another game or two with them here ! Big deal ! :confused: Mike
Sports becomes their "religion" to far too many people.

Sports becomes their "religion" to far too many people.

They "worship" by being rabid fans.

"Winning" is their god, no matter what the cost.

They are very religious and attend every "worship" service that their teams play.

Dave :^<
I used to be a pretty rabid fan of the local pro football (American football)team in my area. I would sit in front of the TV and rant and rave and curse and fume until one day, the thought came into my mind (I think it came from God): "Do you realize that no one on that football field knows your name?" As I pondered that, I realized that any relationship between myself and that team was strictly one-way. Nothing of value was coming back to me from them. At that very moment, I stopped being a rabid sports fan and started working more on my relationship with God.
It is so sad, that the religion of sports (idolatry), replaced THE LORD GOD,
as the first thing in many peoples lives.