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Spiritually Fit

Staff Member
Spiritually Fit - November 01, 2005

"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is- his good, pleasing and perfect will." Romans 12:2

I recently decided to get into better physical shape because I've been gaining some weight and feeling out of sorts. My body seemed lifeless and there was little spunk in my step. I wasn't sleeping well and day-to-day activities were becoming difficult.

So, I've been working out in an effort to get fit. My routine now consists of drinking lots of water, walking every day and making better choices in the foods I eat. Sounds easy, but it's not. I find myself wanting, even craving foods that are not on the menu. I'm lusting after chocolate-covered pretzels or cake dripping with icing. I would give anything for a big, fat mocha cappuccino with a mound of whipped cream on top. But, it's not on the menu and I have to choose what's best for me. There have also been days that I just haven't felt like walking, especially on a treadmill that doesn't even go anywhere. Sometimes, after drinking ten glasses of water, I feel like my insides are ready to burst. But, I push on and continue doing the right thing for the sake of my physical wellness.

On the other hand, what about my Spiritual wellness? How is that doing? Have I been "working out" lately and choosing what's best for me? I think about my new fitness routine filled with exercise, water and good food choices. But, when it comes to my walk with God, am I falling short?

Am I being filled every day with the boundless supply of living water that Jesus offers to cleanse my soul and give me refreshment for my Spirit? Have I spent time feasting on the Bread of Life found in God's Word? Or have I satisfied my hunger with other foods not on the menu, stuffing myself with the pleasures of life that offer nothing but a sick aftertaste of its bitter root? Perhaps instead of walking in stride with my Lord, I have found a pathway of sin filled with crags, obstacles and gaping holes to fall into. Does my body ache from the weight of burdens I choose to carry around? Is my heart beating without joy, feeling weakened from the pain of hopelessness? Have I become content with this routine of waywardness and being Spiritually unfit?

If you are at this place, I'd like to recommend a brand new routine including workouts that will refresh, revive, restore and reenergize your life. It is a workout plan for your mind, heart and soul, and the best part is that it is free. It is paid in-full by the atoning blood of Jesus Christ at the Cross. This workout will give you back life a hundred-fold and place you on a path that is paved with righteousness. It is found in everyone's heart and is called "repentance". It's a place where you can find rest and forgiveness. You can drink from the wellspring of living water and be sustained forever by God's truth and love.

If you're wondering where to find this valuable, life-changing manual to help you get Spiritually fit, I have good news for you! It is found in God's book of life: the Bible. It's all there waiting for you to read, learn and put into practice. It's a new routine for the rest of your life that will never grow old or monotonous. It will give back your smile, your joy, your hope and a satisfying everyday workout with our precious and gracious God, the ultimate fitness instructor.

Contributed by Diane Check