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I believe it is very important to deny the flesh and the pride of life. These are the two avenues that leads us back to sin. Lusting after that sports car so it puts us in a higher status click, or more money, more money, the love of it leads to much evil; enough isn't quite enough.

Best to protect ourselves from such a world and be separate from it; begin renewing the mind by washing of water by the Word. Amen. Focus on what is pure, holy, and righteous according to the Word of God and we will not be quick to accept a counterfeit. Amen

Satan has an entire world of people and stuff to use; don't be his next victim. He comes to steal away, kill and destroy the endwelling Holy Spirit within us. When we faulted, it is a weakness God is showing us exist. We can not stuff it away like it doesn't exist, Satan will use it again if we do. Recognize it, humble self and asks God for forgiveness and His strength. For when we are weak, He is strong. He will help us, but we must recognize our short comings.

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