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Spiritual Journeys Of Great Christians

I want to stick this thread in with Christian History, because I think reading about Christians in History is deeply inspiring and encouraging! I`m sure the list of great men and women who followed Christ is more exhaustive than I`m able to compile...feel free to add to it! Some on this list i`m not familiar with...so I`m doing a little 'blind' posting, without having read anything about them, or written by them. :)

Spiritual Journeys of Great Christians:

Read about the following at :


Susanna Wesley: With God's Word as her guide, Susanna Wesley led her family through many years of hardship.

A.B. Simpson: A dynamic but humble man who, for God's glory, inspired others to total commitment to Jesus Christ and His kingdom.

Francis Schaeffer: Theologian and thinker, Francis Schaeffer successfully challenged the secularist about the claims of the Gospel.

A.W. Tozer: A. W. Tozer pursued the knowledge of God and became one of Christendom's best known authors. His message to you - seek God and live a fulfilled life.

Corrie Ten Boom: Corrie Ten Boom experienced the joy of Christ by making Him her hiding place.

R.G. LeTourneau: Industrialist R.G. LeTourneau learned how to commit his life and business to Jesus Christ.

George Washington Carver: George Washington Carver looked to the Creator for wisdom. Overcoming huge obstacles, he changed the face of agriculture.

Martin Luther: A rough-hewn young monk, Martin Luther transformed the Protestant movement.

Dwight Moody: Dwight Moody's discovery of the Holy Spirit's power changed his life and ministry. That same power is available to you.

Henrietta Mears: Meet the woman who, through faith in Christ, helped to shape the lives of countless Christians.

Charles Spurgeon: Charles Spurgeon's commitment to Christ was the foundation for dealing with life-long burdens.

Andrew Murray: Personal hardship was the training ground for Andrew Murray's enduring ministry.

Catherine Marshall: The road to the surrendered life is often littered with disappointments and trials. Yet Catherine Marshall found victory in meeting God at every turn, and you will too!

Hudson Taylor: Famous missionary to China, Hudson Taylor struggled with the Christian life and service until he found abiding life in Christ.

C. S. Lewis: One of this century's greatest Christian writers and thinkers, he quietly came to know Christ's joy.

Oswald Chambers: The life of Oswald Chambers is a portrait of the surrendered life to which God calls every Christian.

Amy Carmichael: Amy Carmichael's life of selfless dedication is a model for all of us.

Jim Elliot: Jim Elliot was a man after God's heart and will, even at the expense of his life.

Charles Finney: Charles Finney was America's greatest revivalist. At the core of his message was one single truth: Revival only comes to a submitted heart.

Eric Liddell: Eric Liddell raced to fame in the 1924 Olympics. But he had a far more important race to win. So do you.

Fanny Crosby: In spite of many challenges, Fanny Crosby shared God's message of joy through song.

David Livingstone: David Livingstone changed his world and ours by giving himself completely to God's work in Africa.

Peter Marshall: Peter Marshall's zeal for God and zest for life stretched all the way into the halls of Congress.

George Frideric Handel: Both the life and music of George Frideric Handel reflect a vibrant faith.

Dawson Trotman: God used the life of Dawson Trotman and his love for the Scriptures to establish a ministry that continues to disciple multitudes today.

Abraham Lincoln: Many have called him the Savior of the Nation - a title he would have found to be overrated.
Great thread Coconut! Here is a couple more.

George Müller

Among the greatest monuments of what can be accomplished through simple faith in God are the great orphanages covering thirteen acres of ground on Ashley Downs, Bristol, England. When God put it into the heart of George Muller to build these orphanages, he had only two shillings (50 cents) in his pocket. Without making his wants known to any man, but to God alone, over a million, four hundred thousand pounds ($7,000,000) were sent to him for the building and maintaining of these orphan homes. When the writer first visited them, near the time of Mr. Muller's death, there were five immense buildings of solid granite, capable of accommodating two thousand orphans. In all the years since the first orphans arrived the Lord had sent food in due time, so that they had never missed a meal for want of food.

T.Austin Sparks
"From his early years he had believed in the power and significance of the spoken Word of God, and that all developments of its exposition and application should be vitally related to the actual and growing needs of the spiritual life of representative bodies of God's people. Through His Word God would meet His own, but His way of giving to His servants was not merely through bookish, cloistered or studied matter. Rather it was made necessary, drawn out and given meaning by the call and answer of living conditions. Its value - if it was to be anything more than words - lay in its being able to touch the Lord's people at the point of experience and need which had been the occasion of its original calling forth. Such was the special calling of T. Austin-Sparks, a man ploughing a furrow perhaps a little apart from his contemporaries, but always true to Christ Jesus his Saviour and Lord, and committed to a vision of spiritually fruitful harvests throughout the whole field that is God's world."

Joseph Parker
Parker was behind the scheme to build the famous City Temple in London, which opened in 1874, and from which his influence spread far and wide. His sermons, couched in everyday language, were vigorous and racy and he became one of the best-known personalities of his time. His writings include City Temple Sermons and The People's Bible in 25 volumes, as well as Tyne Childe: My Life and Teaching (1883).
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
The integrity of his Christian faith and life, and the international appeal of his writings, have led to a broad consensus that he is the one theologian of his time to lead future generations of Christians into the new millenium.

He was hanged in the concentration camp at Flossenbürg on April 9, 1945, one of four members of his immediate family to die at the hands of the Nazi regime for their participation in the small Protestant resistance movement. The letters he wrote during these final two years of his life were posthumously published by his student and friend, Eberhard Bethge, as Letters and Papers from Prison. His correspondence with his fiance, Maria von Wedermeyer, has been published as Love Letters from Cell 92

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