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Spiritual inside information

From wisdomfortoday.co.uk

Spiritual inside information: The enemy the devil has brought about a horrible pandemic and we have to realise that he realises that the spiritual things are priority i.e. just like always in the bible, he wants you to fear. We know that praising Jesus and helping others is priority as these are the two greatest commandments. As we seek first the kingdom which is what Jesus wants, we will find that our prudent supplies and practicalities are much easier as this is what the bible says rather than selling out to me first dog eat dog buying all the toilet roll for yourself. The enemy wants you to put you first so people have a go at each other, but Jesus wants you to put Him and others first so we help each other. Disorder or peace in troubled times. I did wonder if I should say this as a lot of people are weak and afraid. We need to help each other. Jesus wont have a go at you if you are afraid, He loves you and might gently encourage you to pray for others who are like you. Pray for strength for yourself too. Pray He will comfort you if you are really low. Remember that He came to the weak first and He comforts the people who are fed up.
There, that smiley will make people read this now lol. Inside info.

I posted some other posts and got a Romans 7:21 from my cat. She tried to obstruct the Gospel going out by grabbing my fingerless gloves while typing this lol.


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