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Spiritual Darkness

:shade: Spiritual Darkness

What is spiritual darkness? The closest thing I know to compare with it is I remember a trip I took 2 yrs. Ago to Marianna caverns. Oh it was so beautiful in side that cave. The guide took us through about mid way and told us to all stand in a circle we had to turn off our cell phones and all lights of any kind . She then spoke on what was the most interesting theory about total darkness. She began explaining why the caverns were hard to survive I and how a group of minors when the cave was first founded had one get trapped down there back then they used lanterns and once your oil ran out you were not able to move because you were surrounded by complete darkness that is why animals of such places are albino they have no pigment and they are blind. While she continued to explain it holy spirit then began to minister to me in comparison to spiritual darkness. In the sense of a lost soul, as she spoke the words she said really brought tears to my eyes as I thought of my lost loved ones who did not know Jesus as they’re lord and personal savior. Then she turned all the lights out in the cave to show us what it was like, It was so cold and darkness that I had never experienced before it was so dark that your eyes could never adjust you could not move because if you did you would run in to one of the stalactites or trip over one of the stalagmites which are the ice sickle deposits. Your eyes could never adjust to be able to find your way around. Now that is what spiritual darkness is too. Those who are lost in Christ and don’t know him that is the darkness they carry with in them.

Jesus is the light and by his blood we are called to be light unto others . That is why it is so important to minister Gods word when we are in chat and out in the streets. Remember to always be a light for them . Witness to them show them what Christ has called us to be .
Al said:
Thank you for that wonderful truth.
I took advantage of your story, and sent it to my step mother who is in dark sin.
To let her know...someone is there for her...so darkness can be lit up with the love of others thru christ our lord.
I was and am totaly blessed that you took the time to share this message .
God's work in us will be completed.
Al dont thank me for i only speak what the lord lays in my heart and i want you to know i will be praying for your step mother. May God reach her and touch her.