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Spiritual attack against Christian women?

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Have you seen this video? What do you think about it?
I say everything spoken in the video is true, because since May I has a simmilar sensation. I felt that my opinions(and words) are unheard by other people.(but only on the subject of God) and I had that repressing thoughts in my mind that I'm weak to give testimonies because I'm a women. (Which I never had, and I'm not that kinda person who thinks like this)
If you are a woman to I want to ask: have you had a simmilar feeling/maybe toughts in the past days?
I see the problem already. She base things on what she hears than what is written in the book. What she hears is not written in the book then it is not the Word of God! Period. The Holy Spirit is to testify to what "The Word has already said". The Holy Spirit will not speak of its own accorded. It verifies what the Book has already said. The Father, The Word, The Holy Spirit. Are on one accorded. The Holy Spirit never says anything independent of its self, it always point to the written word in which is the expressed image of the Father. Now let's go from there.