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Spirit to spirit a song by Trevor

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Oh Jesus I love to sing songs of contentment,
Of joy that only your Spirit can bring,
Of peace that comes from a heart that's repentant,
That comes from knowing you died for my sin.

(ch) When I feel your Spirit I fly like an eagle,
My heart is so filled that you flow from my eyes,
And as the living water flows down my cheeks,
It's then that I know I'm alive.

Oh how I wish that every soul in the world could feel
The love and forgiveness that only you bring,
To the lost and the lonely, the hurt and the frightened,
What a joy it would be to hear them sing.

(ch) As they fill with your Spirit and fly like eagles,
And their hearts are so filled that you flow from their eyes,
And as the living waters flow down their cheeks,
They too become alive.

Father I pray you turn us into workers,
To bring in the harvest of wheat that you've sown,
And I pray we may see the joy on the faces
Of your sons and your daughters as you welcome them home.

(ch) Then we can all raise our hands and our voices,
And praise Jesus our King when our race is won,
And stand in awe as he arrives in his Glory,
At the end of the age when your kingdom comes.

(ch) And then we can join with the angels in worship,
As we stand before the mercy seat,
And be married to Jesus, Spirit to spirit,
And make your creation complete.
such Lovely words to read and sing would Love to know the melody/tune of it so i can sing it myself at home x God bless x

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