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Spirit and Flesh

Written by: Ellen Underwood 2/20/05

The Spirit is strong and the Flesh is weak
as they struggle within us and the paths that they seek.

One leads to freedom, the other to chains.

One leads to wholeness, the other to broken remains.

One leads your soul to life, the other to death.

One breaths upon you, the other steals your breath.

One leads to happiness and a soul that is content.

The other to sorrow and a heart that is over spent.

So, why do we struggle when we know wrong from right?

Why can’t we stand up firm and fight the good fight?

It’s because we are not meant to fight this battle alone.

In this dwelling place that is not our home.

For His Plans for us are good, if we would only trust in His will.

Waiting patiently, quietly, knowing that He is our God and to be still.

Some say there is Grace for all that, and though this is true.

His Grace did not come cheap when He hung there for me and you.

No His Grace did not come cheap, although the cost to us is free.

"So" my heart must remember this the next time the struggle visits me.
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