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What do tell someone who comes to you and tells you one of their relatives is on his death bed with cancer and only has a few days left.

Someone told me that yesterday, I was speechless.

What could I say, If their loved one didn't know Jesus, they would be going to hell. Somehow that isn't very comforting at a time like this, even tho it is true. :confused:


Listen to them, listen to them and support them.
My uncle who isnt a christain died from a brain tumor this week., 1st November.
My friends have been very supportive by phoning me and praying.
I was close to my uncle. Another Uncle died last winter and I wasnt as close to him so I didnt grieve as much. It was different.
The messages of support here on talkjesus in the prayer request helped me.
I am supporting my Aunty and her family with phone calls and sms messages.
The grief from her husband dying is causing her to say things that she would not normally say. I dont correct her. Time and healing will do that. She needs the reassurance that she is loved and that is the best gift I can give. I listen to her.
People who preach are the last thing that i need at the moment.
It is best to listen a lot. Grieving people need support and love.
Support and love is listening. Preparing a meal. Being there.