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Speak Only What God Commands

Staff Member
And the angel of the LORD said to Balaam, "Go with the men, but speak only the word that I tell you." So Balaam went on with the princes of Balak. Numbers 22:35 ESV

While Balak commanded Balaam to speak curses over the people of Israel, Balaam had limitations that he never anticipated, because the Lord prompted him to only shout blessings over the people of Israel. Although this is an extreme situation, even involving a talking donkey, the seriousness of blessings and curses shouldn’t be overlooked.

Your words carry a significant impact, and the blessings and curses you extend to others are noted by the Lord. God desires to see His people thrive and grow, and so He is eager to help those who will bless them and help them thrive. On the other hand, working against the purposes of God will surely lead to frustration, at best.

Is there something that God is prompting you to say today? Is there any reason why you may not be willing to say it? Your circumstances may end up prompting you to say it whether you want to or not. Such a situation may end up being more of a blessing than a curse in the long run.

Prayer: Lord, open my ears to the messages You want me to share and give me the boldness and resolution to deliver them without fear.

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