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Soulmate? Shuckle Bleu!

Can such a things be? If so, why have I yet to encounter one? hmmm, perhaps its time to have a shower *chuckles in bewilderment*. Whats the success rate like in this thing anyway? From posting on here what have your responses been like? Ill base my judgement on that....hmmm.....what the hey!

Im a 19 year old male, I dont believe in cliches and in fabricating lives with worldly things (there was a pun there, just so ya know). I love music, love art, love literature and poetry, I love to be creative and...erm...different, I love being off the cuff, plus Im bristling with energy and am very active. Im fiery and full of determination and I will defend the truth with my life! Literally. In case you think I am a freak I wont tell you that I enjoy long walks in the park, I have a stamp collection. My favourite colour is light grey, my favourite animal is a snail (they are quite fiesty!), and my favourite movie is the news (close enough). My socks in order of date purchased, my CDs are in alphabetical order and my favourite song is 'Black & White'....

Im only kidding *chuckles*. Ok, my work here is done. Take from that what thou't shall. Laters peeps *wavie*
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ok, nobody is replying to this so Im going to say what your all thinkin and reply to myself...........ahem *cough, splutter....*...........Yo! Seph, quit being a fool, get back to your stamps and your snail, you freak!. Yeah, you walk away so you dont have to deal with me!!!!!

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oh, i gets ya...play it cool *combs back fro...*. I dont have a fro o_O. lol, its so late and Im bored, id wake my sis but she'd totally go nuts, for some reason...



There is such a thing as a soulmate sometimes you know instantly, sometimes you grow together and for want of a better word evolve into soulmates. You sound a very interesting guy. Although, don't take this the wrong way but the part where you say you are fiery and full of determination doesn't relate to you having a fiery temper does it? It's just that you are on fire for the Lord yes!

I met my soulmate when I wasn't even looking. We were strangers, as I walked past him (in someone elses living room) we looked into each others eyes and without trying to sound corny, we just knew. There is more to it, it's quite a funny story, won't tell now.

You will probably find your soulmate when you aren't even actively looking. You maybe on-line chatting about something completely unrelated, when all the things you say you are will shine through and Miss Right may make her move. Remember you've got plenty of time.

God Bless
lol, a temper? No way, Im very patient and have yet to actually ever lose control of my emotions. I refute confrontation, you know what. Im not actually after a soulmate. Iv been thinking about this quite alot lately and have come to a logical standpoint. I wish I could delete this thread. The thing that I crave most is solitude and desolation. I prefer to keep myself aside from others, that is where I am most effective and in my element. Not to say that I dont enjoy the company of others because I do. In fact I would go as far as to say that I crave the company of others, but deep down I need to know that I can slip away when I need to. If Im bombarded constantly there is a noticeable change. Very much like a fish out of water (lets hope that resemblence ends there, lol). So, its logical that no-one could be with me under those conditions. Thus I conclude, I have already found my soulmate, just because it wasnt tangible, it doesnt mean that it wasnt there all along, and for that I am quite content as I am.

Au revoir mes petit singes
God Bless


What do you mean by Au revoir mes petit singes? This translates as Goodbye my small monkeys? Which by the way I find offensive!
My appologise. Just a little light humour, well, humour that I have begun to realise doesnt fit in here. Thus, I shall hence depart forthwith. My appologise, no offence intended, just the byproduct of my ignorance. Keep well.
What about Adam???

Could it be that there is such thing as a soulmate. Maybe there is. Could it be that like Adam, I can look at my partner and say " This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh:.." maybe, if I do as Adam did, finding myself doing the work of the Lord and it will be added to me.

Matthew 6:33 "But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you"

So I'll be all about my Father's work, I'm not going to worry about it, I'll be so close to God that I'll just know. And if a soulmate is not added to me, the love of God is sufficient, I won't die over my passions, for God is enough to fill my cup. I love solicitude, for in the quiet you seek God, and it's only you and Him, it's where you learn intimacy with God, a love that's greater than a touch or a kiss. You hear His voice. But I wont let my solicitude be the reason of past relationships that did not go so well, and I miss out on what God has for me, because I hold on to solicitude rather than God.
I love solicitude because that is what God gives me right now, but if He takes it away, I have to still learn to be at rest, for my rest was not found in solicitude but in Him.