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Soulmate from God....or just another feeling?!

hey yall I am kinda new at all this....but i was gonna post that i really think that i am falling for a friend of mine....he is sweet, caring and most of all he loves Christ.... I am the kind of girl that thinks that the guy should ask the girl out but i dont want him to become like the other guys that are my friends....more like brothers than anything....so....any advice?!....it would be greatly appreciated...thanks....

hmmm, you want him to ask you out. Guys can be painfully slow to pick up on signals aimed at them, or they can fumble around trying to react to them lol, the memories. I cant think of any clear cut formulas here, but I guess just give him some helpful pointers as to your intentions without being pushy or stifling, most of all just relax and be yourself, once he realises leave the rest to him. This is the best approach I can think of, hope it helps & goodluck! :shade:

well...I really think he likes me as well but we have become good friends....i mean just last night i talked to him for a few hours here on the net....but like I dont know if he has the same thought as me...if we move forward will it destroy what we already have if things dont work out.....what to do what to do....anyway...thanks for the reply!

Hey. I am kind of in the same situation. I like one of my friends who he is also dating my best friend. She does know that i like him and she is fine with that because she knows that i will never tear them apart. I actually told him today and he still has those feelings that he did before about me(if he wasn't dating my friend, he would date me in a heartbeat!) My advice to you: just tell him how you feel.
I 'm in a similar situation! What I really think you should do, is I know you wont want to hear this, but it's true that guys are a bit slow sometimes, and if you really do think that you could be a couple then I think, before he loses interest, that you should pluck up the confidence and ask him out! If he says no, of coarse it will be awkard for a bit, but would you rather live your life waiting for a guy to make his move and regret it if he doesnt or never ask him out and regret not ever knowing? Maybe you could tell him your feelings towards him, and not online! I know saying something online is easier then any other way, but over the phone or face to face is better, trust me.
Good luck and God Bless!
Mumsdollarfan has jus given you the onemilliondollar plan! That is actually the best thing to do. It is so easy to get tangled in confusion with matters such as this. The more the two try to decipher each others feelingsand intentions the more anxious and confused and stress the people in question become, and trust mem that kind of awkwardness should be feared more than what the other person will say if you asked them out! So as Mumsdollarfan said...ask him out! If you wait for him, you could be waiting a long time for something that may never materialise! With this I bid thee farewell, as I retreat to the confindes of my pillow and blanket, hehehe :shade:

ok, I have read all these responses, and I'm not sure but I dont think I saw one answer say give it to God. That is the best answer. Let God controll it.

I have a best friend. I mean like "best friend", and that's all we are. He and I have a lot in common, and we listen to each other. We have similar testimonies, and I have even made him a peanut butter pie. We are best friends. I love him. There have been so many accusations of Brandon and I dating it's not funny. People ask me all the time and him if we are dating. We give them the same answer. If it's God's will for us to actually be an "us" then it will happen. We just want to focus on God for the moment.

Don't worry about it, trust in God, and do that which is right in the moment. Trust in God.

hope this helped you some.
God Bless:love:
Sis in Christ
Of course she must be mindful of what God tells her, but the point is. If you sit around waiting for things to happen...nothing will happen. We where advising her to engage the said guy, its the first step and the most important if anything is to materialise.
In my very humble opinion, turning it over to God really means not pushing this yourself, but letting this gentleman discover your "romantic side" on his own. So what if men are slow? It's a good way to become his friend first, and get to know him even better, so you can be sure he's Mister Right. Take your time, my dear! :love: You're young, and have plenty of time, so what's the big rush? *smile* :love: Because I'll let you know a secret; men mostly like to make the first move, and that's just natural. If you can possibly relax a bit, not worry so much and stay in PRAYER and obedience, I'll betcha this good Christian man will notice and get closer. If it's what God wants, that's what will happen, my dear sister. If you let him know you feel romantically before HE does - you are taking a risk, because men are not only slow, but, seem to have an inherent need to conquer and chase! *wink* Let him get interested and go after you - stay busy - and make many more friends, that occupy your thoughts and time. I can't think of one story in the Bible where a woman goes after a man. It's always the man who chooses who he is going to love in scripture. I think the women were smarter then! And wives were Proverbs 31 type wives, this is a good way to start, love, with PATIENCE. I feel rather cautious here in sharing this, but a good gal pal should tell the truth about how most men react to this. Even the most Christian ones I know. Be patient in the Lord! *hug* God bless you mightily and I will pray hard that it's in His Plan for you to find a good husband. :love: In the Love of Christ, CaliFlower :rose: