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Soul and mind intertwined

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by rhymarhyma, May 10, 2018.

  1. I walk amongst the living giving everything I've got
    I offer wounded words of wisdom, scars from every battle fought
    I had forgotten what it meant to live a life spent free
    The darkness said it was my friend but in the end it was my enemy

    Fight or flight?...alright, we get rowdy and fight
    but in life, hold's really all about the light
    The night used to frighten me, the sun never shone
    Breaking hearts, breaking bone...cold, broken and alone
    The tone of my atonement whispers softly to my soul
    which can be written and read and unrolled like a scroll
    If I told you I got you, even reached out and caught you
    and you turned away someday don't ever think I forgot you
    because I brought you my past, fast-forward to today
    Bought and paid for to make the darkness go away
    If you knew me yesterday then you never truly knew me
    You maybe knew of me, but you were looking right through me
    A vapor, a mist...but history will not rewind
    If you think my body's scarred then you should see my mind
    and yet I find a kind of freedom as tears flow from the pen
    where I was born, then died, then was born again
    I'm certainly not pushy, I'm just pushing up daisies
    and I'm only passing through and living life with you crazies
    because maybe, just maybe, I'm as crazy as you
    but all metaphors aside, I hope you know my love is true...
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