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(sorry it doesnt ryme but its one of my first tries)

Keep the faith
and keep staying strong.........
Saying no and doing whats right
isnt always that easy,
just know that God is always there to help you.

To guide you when you are lost.
To care for you and to give you a 'hug' when you are feeling unloved.
To walk with you and to carry you when you cant walk any more.
To give you strenght for each day when you feel that you cant go on anymore.
To listen to your every need when you really need someone to listen to you.
To help you make peace with loved ones that are gone, and to make you appriciate those that you still have here with you.

He is all you need,
so keep the faith and everything will be fine in the end.

I dedicate this poem to my cousin who will probably never see it, when your mom goes.... please live a life that she and God will be proud of and not the life that satan wants you to.

God bless
JLU is right . . .you dont have to ryme to express poetry from your heart sweetie :love: Thank you so much for expressing what you feel for your Lord and Saviour, its warm and beautiful and it does come straight from your heart :love: Good Job. . .keep it up