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Song Writing

Hi yo'll , do yo'll write lryics for songs? What do yo'll write about in the song?:rainbow:
Yes, I write...

I write lyrics, and play and sing the songs also. They came as a gift of sorts. And they're like a variety of flavors born out of my own life experiences, as well as Jesus' point of view.
I write worship and praises unto God. Like to take Word out of the Word and then put music with it. I like to write also love songs to Jesus and also out of the Word. I feel how more I use the word how deeper do I go.
I have written a few songs, Praise and Worship type stuff. For me the words come easy. Sometimes a line comes to me, I write it down and then the whole songs comes in about 2minutes flat.

But I have a bit of a problem with the music......I play keyboard, but It still takes me forever...

I have only just almost finished the music for my first song.
I write, and compose music. I now mostly allow God to write and play through me. I allow the holy spirit to have complete liberty with me. Now, most if not all I write/play I cannot take an credit for. God gets all the Glory.
Formerly Adiaglow
I write, but I don't how to put music with it, and the whole procedure. I think what I write would be good songs. Just don't know to get there. :)

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