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Song I wrote

Jesus was dieing on the cross
His mom was crying by the cross
When his breath was gone so did their hope

They took him off the cross
They baried him in a grave
And they remember something that he had said

Follow, Follow, Follow me
He said Follow, Follow, Follow me

They went to check on his grave
They saw an angle there
The angle said he is alive again

They didn't beleave what the angle said
And remembered again

Follow, Follow, Follow me
He said follow, follow, follow me

Then one of his desiples
Saw Jesus
He talked to him than knew it was him
And Jesus reminded the desiple of what he had said

Follow, Follow, Follow me
He said follow, follow, follow me

Follow him the Lord,
The king,

He said!
Follow, Follow, Follow me
He said follow, follow, follow me

Please pray that prayer and
follow Jesus
He died for you.
I got a great song, it has two parts

Here is the first part:

Growing Up Empty

Stanza 1
Growing up was such a sad time
I sat sitting in my sister's shadow,
She kept accelerating, while I decelerated.
Mom and Dad are constantly fighting,
I feel so abandoned and unwanted.
I'm getting no direction toward manhood.

It's no fun growing up confused,
Wondering what truth is and
Wanting to feel loved and accepted inside
When will the pain end.
When will I feel peace inside.

Stanza 2
A man came into my life.
He showed me all that life had to offer.
All the porn and bars I could handle.
I became instantly addicted.

Repeat Chorus

Stanza 3
I was in and out of relationships.
At first I enjoyed and was satisfied.
However, in the end, the fun never lasted.
I have a huge void that needs to be filled.
I need something to fill the emptiness.

Repeat Chorus

Stanza 4
It all seemed so glamourous at first.
All the attention I wanted for the taking.
I wanted to be loved and accepted.
But I found out later that the reality was
I was being lied to and used.

Repeat chorus 2x, the second time acapella

Here is the second part:

Getting Put On Course
Stanza 1

After having spent so much time in sin
I have found to have been empty inside.
I thought if I sowed into my sinful nature that
I’d reap a bountiful harvest.
However, I found that lust is not love
That I need True Love and not True Lust.


I need trust, I need peace
I need joy, I need love
Who or what is the source?
Someone put me on course.
I am tired of feeling this weight.

Stanza 2

A couple came into my life,
They had this light in their eyes that
I’d not seen before.
I desired that light as I felt it held my answer as:

Chorus again

They invited me to church and
I remember singing praise songs.
I saw hope and peace in people’s eyes.
I found what I was looking for.
Love is not in the arms of a gay man,
But in the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

I got Trust, I got Peace
I got Joy, I got Love
I found the Source
I got put on Course.
The Course is Jesus Christ