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Somewhere within

Here I am one more night, wondering am I ever gonna get this right
Yes, Lord I cry out to you, I will do what you want me to do

Then it seems, at that very moment my life shatters and come unglued
I end up forgetting what I just prayed to you
I wonder to myself how will I ever get through

I know the truth, but find myself confused
Getting caught up in the things of the world
Laying in bed at night, telling myself I must choose

I shove God in the back of my mind, telling myself tomorrow I'll change
But the more I shove him away, the more my life turns upside down
I find myself on my knees, saying lord help me turn this life around

I want you Lord, I really do, but why do I turn from you?
I run from you, instead of running to you

I think It will be okay, but what if i dont have another day?
Lord I dont understand what I am doing
For you lord i should be pursuing

I know I've failed you many times, for I have failed myself
I just at the point of confusion, for I do not do what I want to do
I understand If I choose the world, what Id be loosing
For some reason though I just keep on going

With the pain I feel inside
Knowing I have pushed you aside

Lord, I just cant go on like this, you see the night crys
You see my heart screaming inside, even thought I act like im alright

I just want to live for you, but then I end up the same way
Why cant I surrender my all? and give it my life away?

I understand the calling I have, but the pain is just deep
All I do is find myself wanting to do is weep

So Lord here I am one more time
asking you to light the fire, make my heart want to shout you
and not doubt you

I have grown up in church, and I know you died for me
I just wish I could make my friends see

I know popularity is not worth it, so Lord I ask to give me clean hands
and a pure heart

Lord I know you will finish what you start!
Make me have the desire I once had
Lord..I need you bad!
Miranda: Thanks for sharing this. Such a lovely poem written from your heart. I can relate to your poem as I can feel the day to day struggles pulling at me, trying it's best to pull me away from the God (My Lord and Savior) that I know. But always remember, no matter what, we do belong to Him, always and forver.....that's why He is calling you. He loves you and He wants you to know that.
Miranda...i had tears in my eyes as I read your poem
its really,really good....I can relate to your poem very good
thanks for sharing the poem with us
GBU Sunset