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Sometimes being a witness means something far different!

In most cases we understand what a witness for the Lord is! But sometimes we witness an event around people to also revel something to us! Some of the people we are close go through certain events that causes us to even question why? Most look to cause a change in that event,we pray,we comfort,we do everything we can to ease the pain of that person because we care so much for that person!

We ask Lord what could this person have done so bad to have them go through so much pain and hardship? We also wonder why a bad person can have so much, when they have given so little to others! In both cases the Lord looks to remind us of something that connects directly to his very will!!( 1 Thess 5:18!!!)

Many have not done this until such an event occurs! And WHEN, not if it rains upon us as believers( Matt 5:45) we are reminded of not only who love is,but also what love does!( 1 Cor 13:4-8) also continue in Matt 5:45-48!! We are not asked to be perfect in this, we are commanded to be!

Some forget this and an event occurs to remind them, as well as us! If an enemy receives we also know God's grace can be upon that person for a reason!( Rom 12:18-21) We witness this.The story of life has many turns,and in every turn of our life,or another,we witness the purpose for our self in how to remain through our Jesus. IF!!!!!! we remember this proverb!! ( Proverbs 3:3-7) I continue to learn so very much not just from my own life,but others as well,we just have to seek to indeed find!( Matt 7:7-11)