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someth'n silly....

I know that poetry can have it's really deep moments,
but if you don't mind...i'd like to share a silly peom with you.
It's kind of sums up my summer in France...well all my favorite
and most silly memories anyway...

being me

sometimes i feel like blah
and then i say, 'Ha Ha!"
i run and pull up my pants
and then do a crazy dance
jump around and act weird
all i need now is a beird!!
giggle and snort!
Come on and be a sport!
feel free to goof around
and then nap on the ground!
life was meant to be fun
so relax and soak in the sun!
that was my peom
and now i'm done!

yes...it may be weird, but I'ld like to think that God had a good chuckle
as i was inspired to write it...hope i don't offend anyone!!
but i just couldn't resist...!
i think it's cute... lol funny cute uf you get me,... lol good on ya for steppign out and goign for it!!!

Love Simon!!!
:love: I liked it and i think you should be free in the Lord to have fun.
Thanks for sharing. Sometime people are just to serious. Live a little, laugh a little.

Your sister in Christ,
AlabasterBox, :girl:

hehe...thats cute....really good!!
thanks for sharing it...made me smile ....!!!
god bless