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Something about satan...

We all know that God knows every thought of ours.But can Satan read our ,minds? :confused:

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No the devil cannot understand what we think silently, he fires the darts into your thoughts, which we resist.
he only works from CONVERSATION and INFORMATION.

but GOD works from REVELATION.
thats a good and intresting question.....
never thought about that...
but i always thought that satan could...but i dont know

god bless
I don't believe so naomi.

I don't believe so naomi. If Satan could understand what we think silently, he would have understood JESUS right away. Satan thinks with a corrupted heart like unto a corrupted man's heart but with much more insight into the evil ways he want's us to walk in. He knows if we choose to listen to the Lord's voice instead of his, he will have no place with us. If we resist his temptations for a time, he looks for an easier target for awhile, hoping that when he returns to tempt us again, that we have fallen away from listening to the Lord.

naomi said:
We all know that God knows every thought of ours.But can Satan understand what we think silently? :confused:

satan is a fallen angel & the angels are neither omnipotent, omniscient, or omnipresent. Those are qualities exclusive to God.
This is a very intersting . I am not so sure he cannot read minds because he is powerful enough to take over the minds of many and perhaps prays on the weak willed and has brainwashed people there is evidence around the world today .
I believe that satan cannot read our minds, however he can read our body language. Someone told me once that you need to be careful what information you share outwardly, because all that you say and do can be used by satan for one of his evil schemes. I don't give him any more ammo than he already has.
Hopefully I am in the right place on this forum to give my point of views and will be able to share my opinions , I by nature am always questioning especially when there is not a clear definitive answer and in no way mean to challenge . But ! I have always held the opinion that people who are evil have the devil in their minds he in effect has taken over their minds, temptation is bad thoughts "in the brain" he has got in there , prompting , cajoling & encouraging bad behaviour he has got to be in there to do his bad works that he has set out to do .


Devil can't

Devil cant just read your mind. Also he doesn't have any powers to make people work the way he wants in a "hallucinated way"(like robots). He himself works with his angels to change the situation so as to tempt the people of God. But he can assimilate what we are going to do from our actions and plan disasters for us(christians) because he is very well experienced at it even from the begining of the world. But be courageous and believe : Jesus has already defeated him for us all. Jesus is victorious and so are we.
this is quite intereresting, i've always had the idea that Satan could read my thoughts, so he knows what my weak areas are, so he can target them...I'm not sure.
Stay Real
The Bible is totally silent about whether the Devil can or can't read you mind.

The important thing is this...it doesn't really matter either way, because God is infinitely more powerful and intelligent than any demonic being.

Submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you. James 4:7

So...don't worry about it.


satan reading mind??

My opinion is, that of 'cause' The Enemys abilities is limited....but we should allways be on watch with ourselfes. GOD CAN...we shall 'occount' FOR GOD. ( Not for the Devil). In some way the devil with his engels has some power, and at 'the moment' it might be diffecult to know how much 'they know'. Maybe more than reading the mind, the devil can put wrong thoughts in our mind by temptations..and observe our ACTIONS... I do belive : talking secrets with God with and by the Spirit ( 'true tungspeeking' or The Holy Ghosts unspeakeble suplications) is a closed of area for the devil. There can therefore be a good reason especial along with God 'in the closed closet' to pray to God letting the Spirit TAKE OVER, while in our weaknes...and ..unwisdom ( 'we do not allways know how and what praying about') asking The holy Spirit to pray for and through me in 'secrets ' between 'me and the Lord'. HERE I BELIVE the devil have NO entrence AT all. Like "hard criminals" it can be hard to know "what they are up to, their plans, how much 'they know' " even so much more with the devil and his visible and invisible helpers.
Throwing us completely in God's hands the safe unshackeble rock is the way. God bless. Well 'I'm not sure' It is my opinion until now anyway. God bless you all
Mind reading?

Tracy said:
This is a very intersting . I am not so sure he cannot read minds because he is powerful enough to take over the minds of many and perhaps prays on the weak willed and has brainwashed people there is evidence around the world today.

I've heard many Pastors and Ministers preach on this. All agree that Satan cannot read minds, but brainwashing and evil thoughts can happen in many ways. The enemy of God can see our habits and subtly play on them to affect our thoughts. If you read the beginning of the book of Job, notice that the attacks on Job are based on what Satan sees.

The following prior post is a clear explanation of why it may seem like the devil reads minds:

Soldier of God said:
The Bible give us no reason to believe Satan and his demons can read our minds. To me, that would take a measure of omnipresence and omniscience, which they do not have. However, Satan and his demons have been observing and tempting human beings for thousands of years. Surely they have learned a few things about us over the years. Even without the ability to know our thoughts, they can probably make a well-educated guess as to what we are thinking – and then attempt to use it to their advantage. That is why we are commanded to “Submit yourselves, then, to God” James 4:7 before we are told to “Resist the devil”.
I too don't think he can read our minds, but I do think he knows what makes us weak and plays off of it.