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someone closed my thread

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New Member
hi. so sorry if this is not the place to post. But someone close my thread call '' broken and bleeding'' I just wonder why was this ? . if I upset some one then I;m so sorry.
Hi For Christ,

I just saw your broken and bleeding and that it was closed. Not sure why, but please know this you have alot of people praying for you and lifting you up to Jesus. Broken hearts are never easy and yes they are painful, but remember Jesus mends the broken hearted and will mend your broken heart too. Lifting you up in prayer my friend and sister in Jesus.

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New Member
It appears that you created a new thread to update everyone here:
That could be the reason the first one was deleted, as it was pretty much double posting.
They were both in the counseling area, so a great suggestion would be to keep all your posts
in the same thread as to not create confusion and make it easier for those who are supporting
you and praying for you to find your updates easily. :smile:

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