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Some Suggestions

Big Brother I do, Zoegirl,Dc Talk,Toby Mac,Jump 5,Rebecca St. James,Newsboys,Stacie Orrico,Nicole C Mullen,and Crystal Lewis. :note: :note2:
I love all those singers . Great choices ! Intimate worship is my favorite .
I combine worship with prayer every day . GBU HEAVENSOUND :love: :boy_hug: Brother
I suggest everyone on TJ request Brother Mike to send
them all the awesome songs he`s been sending me...
that should keep him busy enough to keep him out of trouble
for the next decade
I would be glad to send anyone anything that will bring them closer to our Lord Jesus ! Thanks Coconut for allowing me to share my life with you . If it had not been for Gods grace in allowing TalkJesus to be here , I would have never gotten to know you and so many others . I am a very blessed man to be a part of such a great family from all over the world . :love: :boy_hug: Mike
You guys should check out Red umbrella, they are a cristian band from canada, their music is like 70's brit rock. if you like harder stuff at all chack out, showbread, east west, extol, he is legand. Oh if any of you like third wave ska check out Five iron frenzy.
Showbread and East West rock! Although Showbread is a little weird. Other bands I love would be Blindside, Project 86, and Underoath.
Winter junkie you should chack out Dizmus, they are awsome I think they might be on tour with piller still, I saw them a few monthes ago at a tiny little show, their hearts are way in it for jesus to.
yea i have one of their songs on a cd....and i checked them out on purevolume....they do rock!... thats awesome to here their hearts are in the right place.....i think i need their cd....
I LOVE METANOYA ROCK ON FUSION they really really know how to worship also I like newsboys tree63 paul wright and the time favorite nilsong united!!!!
I like all those bands alright, or I used to a lot. I'm now more into really hard rock stuff, but those bands are cool, too.
tollo you should look in to zao if you haven't heard them those guys are awsome and norma jean as well.
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