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some questions for non christians

Discussion in 'Seeking Jesus' started by kimmyh51, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. Hi all

    These are actually some questions from a book I am reading at the moment. The book is written for Christians, and its aim is to educate -- for want of a better word - the Christians who's approach serves only to put off their potential 'converts'. The writer of the book believes (as do I), that the reason most non Christians are very reluctant to discuss God, has nothing to do with who and what god is, and everything to do with a negative perception that many people have (and usually, rightfully so) of Christianity, which comes from a bad experience, they or someone they know had - with a Christian.

    Anyway I thought these questions were quite interesting and before I put them to my friends and family face to face, I thought it would be good to see what any non Christians here think of them, and - if you want to - what your answers would be.

    Please feel free to answer one or more, and please copy and paste the question you are answering into your reply.

    Why should any non Christians answer this? Basically, if you have ever felt, judged, insulted, bulldozed, unimportant (ie the Christian seemed only interested in you as a potential convert, or 'notch in their evangelism belt' - and not at all in you as an individual), or have in any other way had a negative experience with a christian or a christian church.

    And its a great opportunity for any Christians who feel called to evangelism to get some honest feedback, and to be able to evaluate their own approach, and ensure that they are only approaching people who are happy to talk about god, and to make sure they do so in a respectful, honest and non judgemental way...
    Im looking for peoples totally honest opinions and experiences - good or bad. I personally do not intend to take offence at any responses which reflect someones honest, genuine experience or perceptions. This is not intended to be an exercise where me or other Christians try and prove you wrong if you say something negative, but rather an opportunity for us Christians to understand how and why Christianity may come across in a negative or unappealing way to people. Having said that - if anyone responding would like a '2nd opinion' on an experience they have had with an evangelist or church - do say and me or others will probably pipe in with our thoughts....

    So here are some questions from the book Im reading: As above feel free to answer 1, 2 3, all or however many appeal to you - please just put the number in so I know which one you are answering. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds. If anyone wishes to PM me rather than publically answer they are welcome to as well.

    1: If someone wanted to talk to you about god how would you like to be approached?

    2: If you have ever been approached by someone wanting to talk to you about god - how did they approach you and what kinds of feelings were you left with after that encounter?

    3: if you were asked to describe the 'good news' evangelists are supposed to be sharing with people, how would you describe it?

    4: Do you think its possible to be certain about where you will spend eternity?

    5: what causes you to struggle most with the idea of gods existence

    6: Up to this point in your life journey have you met anyone or experienced anything which has made the reality of god seem plausible to you?

    7: why do you think so many people prefer to live as though god doesn't exist?

    If anyone is interested the book is called god space - where spiritual conversations happen naturally - by doug Pollock and the above questions are not my own, but from that book.

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