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Some of my poetry


Most girls don’t know

What it’s like to be a guy, trying to be pure

When girls wear those low-cut tops

It makes me feel quite uncomfortable, quite unsure

Most guys just don’t care

When girls flaunt their breast

They think sex is all just a game

They don’t know waiting for marriage is best

But I can tell you that there are

Some guys that really do care

Sure they like a pretty face but what

Matters more is the girls purity, not what she will wear

But to the girls who wear low-cut

Cover yourself up please, wear

Something. It may be harder to find a boyfriend

But it will be much easier to find someone who will care

Cry of the unborn

All at once a life is lost

A heart has stopped beating

Blood has stopped flowing

And mother and child won’t be meeting

In the name of posterity, an

Innocent is killed, because of a selfish

Mother who isn’t ready for a hassle

A tiny baby doesn’t even get one wish

This is our problem; millions of babies

A year are killed, and nobody say anything

Someone has to speak out, I try, but I’m not

Loud enough, so everyone come with me and sing

Just because someone can’t defend himself

Doesn’t give us the right to take his life

Life is the only thing worth dying for

So why do we quickly snuff an unborn’s with a knife?

Does the power give us the right?

Power comes hand in hand with responsibility

So, why are we always abusing responsibility?

We say “stuff it” ‘cause we got the ability

So here we are, we are at a crossroads

We have to pick a direction, we have a choice

C’mon, everyone, join me! We must

Be a voice for those who have no voice!

Please R and R.