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Some of my poems God allowed me to share

Hi brothers and sisters of Christ. While these poems in partiicular is not about the Christian religion I do feel as if it were some of my more uplifiting poems, so I have posted it here for all to share. God has given me what I feel is a talent, so I want to share that.

Life’s Smallest Keepsakes
Dreams, Love, and Mistakes

Everyone has a time;
When a smile is something hard to come by
And find it to be unclear,
Why home seems so far away, and nowhere near
It is then they clench their fist;
Close their eyes and never let go
Of the one wish they desire the most
Tomorrow’s ship may never sail;
And you might just succeed with today,
what yesterday you failed
So take your empty hand;
And place your dream among the stars, you can
Sometimes a troubled heart;
No matter the time, day, or how far
Will find its way to you;
And something will begin anew
It is then that she will reach out her arm
So close your eyes and never let go
And what started as one heart will beat as two
Like the autumn trees bleed to start over;
Leaving only its leaves behind to care an eternity for one another
Now that she has your hand;
Try and let go of hers, you can’t
Believing is hardest when you fall;
Even if the strength you gave it was your all
But don’t worry if at first you don’t shine;
Getting back up is done with the passing of time
It is then you will find the treasure within
Something you have had all along
That even now has never left your side
What is this wonderful treasure, you ask;
It cannot be bought or sold, but found in the past
They are life’s smallest keepsakes;
Dreams, Love, and Mistakes

Your World

lost in a world without meaning
struggling to find a reason
out of nowhere you appeared
like a shooting star falling from the sky
i took your hand
you showed me i wasnt alone
you showed me i could change
we left the past behind
with just a single kiss
i was lost in a different world
your world

Your Guardian Angel

if tomorrow never comes
and you find yourself all alone
if the rain falling from heaven
doesn’t wash away your crying tears
if the shining sun leaves you in the dark
and true love leaves you blind
if you find you cant go on
just remember, I will always be by your side
if the road you walk gives you a dead end
and there is no way across
if all of time stops
and all you can hear is the sound of a single heart beat
if you reach out your hand
but no one is there to save you
if you find you cant go on
just remember, I will always be by your side
if the road home is paved with darkness
so black that shadows turn away
if the world forgets about you
and you have nowhere left to go
if you want to be happy
you don’t have to look very far
just remember, I will always be by your side
I will be, your guardian angel
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