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Sobering meditations from scripture

I am drawn to the early accounts of how Abraham's Issac's and Jacob's state of Psyche differed.Issac was forty or more years old when Daddy Abraham offered him up.Now thats an old man offering up his full grown son.Wild!!!I have read a commentary concerning this age thing. These writings suggest that Isaac wasnt as fond of his dad as he was before the "Incedent".His only course of action would be to walk away from his dad and either even further away from God or closer to Yehovah. Jacob displayed an intensity that was basic instinct with God's presence .Clearly the result of his Experience with God and His experience From Abraham offering him up..He did truly Wrestle with God and was Given the title Yisrael.They all lived very symbolic lives as their every action was creating patterns for the future Nations of God.Living symbols they are and these living symbols have moments of reflection that are shared with God.It was thier prayer time.Thier God was El Shaddai shield of Abraham. Peace Christan