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So you say, that you are my brother and you say you are my sister in Christ and we have the same Father who is GOD.

If these things are true, then why do you not talked about Him, like I do and why do you not refer to him like jesus does on so many occassions. And if you are my brothers and my sisters then tell me why you never tell me of the conversations that you have with Him. The type of day it was when he walked with you and what did He say and how did he say it. and what kind of effect it had on you. If you are my brothers if you are my sisters in Christ tell me why you have nothing to say about our Father which are in Heaven, there has to be a reason why you have nothing to say about the presence of our Father. that special time you have had with him. And tell me why, when I begin to talk about Him and the thrill of excitiment I feel of sharing this gift and not earn is somewhat not received in a exciting way, I do miss that thrill, I used to share with my mother and Auntie and the Methodist Woman Pastor and her daughter that stayed across from where I grew up. Just talking about him, the fears, the joys, the promises of eternity, the fires, the ovens, the boiling pots, and the times, we looked back, the trials that produces the smiles upon your face and the scars and wounds that enriced our trust that through it all when there was not faith left to carry us and we learn what "Hope" is, and laugh and cry. And then not realizing we where walking and talking with our Father, he did not remove the pain or the suffering and the failures, nor did he deliver us from the flames, the floods but He just walked with us as if was a distance hum but such a peace that the world cannot understand as the tears fall down, and where anger should blossem His voice would say, you have to love anyway, from your heart. They have lied on you and cast your name out as evil, and have invented lies and twisted your words and have consult with another. Then you would hear His voice say; in a certain way, "remember i told you they would do that' then once i rememeber saying, "oh' and we walked on. And before i knew, a love so deep for them would enter into my heart, which such a depthness that words cannot explained. " i will give you a new heart not made of stone" and you would smile, no one there but you.

Telll me why, why don't you tell me some of the stories about you and our Father. These are not secrets, for everything shall be reveal, "As I looked into Heaven i saw books and when the books where open! I have said enough.

I do hope you have been bless and not harm by my testimony in Honoring This Sabbath day of The LORD.:cool:
I would have to write a 300 page book to share my testimony and what I have experienced. And every day is spent with the Lord. I talk to him all day every day,and he with me. As I said, its far to long to share here, but all the best to you.
and Sister Sue J Love Posted this:

So how real this is. This is a "Michelangelo"
I do share my testimonies and visions. By doing so I get bashed a lot by said "brothers and sister". All the while knowing they flop their lips because in something I testify, God pricked their heart. They still trying to kill the messengers.

They are so quiet because of fear what man can do to you. Its no secret. God told us "if they have done it to Him, they will do it to you."

Who were "they"?
The high priest and elders of the synagogue sought how "they" might kill Him. "They paid a greedy disciple to take their paid soldiers to Him. And "they" crucify Him.

It sure is quiet out here; and a church on every corner.

God bless you.
We all have but one true Father that lasts , that is God. Your father on Earth is physical and temporary; your spiritual father is God and that is eternal and for ever!