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So Wonderful To Meet You All!

Hi, My Name Is Christy, I Love The Lord Jesus, He Is My Everything! It Is So Wonderful To Be A Part Of The Body Of Christ! He Set Me Free~~ Free From Liquor, Drugs, Lusts~~my Deliverer! He Is The One And Only, God Of Second Chances, His Mercy And Love Rules, There Are No Words To Tell You Of The Joy I Am Feeling Right Now, And It Only Get Better!! Wonderful Is His Name! Mighty~~ Is His Majesty, Our God And Savior!! He Rules And Reigns! Thank You Jesus For Leading Me Here, May I Be A Servant To All On This Board, I Am Honored To Be Here. May I Always Bring Honor And Glory To The King Of Kings And Lord Of Lords!! I Bow To You Jesus!!

Now A Little About Me, All I Want To Do Is Know Him More~~ I Am Now 48 Years Young, And Was Saved In My 20"s, But Fell Back Into The Vomit Of This World For A While, But Now I Am Back! Worthy Is He To Whom I Owe My Life, My Praise, My Loyality, All Honor And Glory Be To The Most Hight God, There Are No Others!! Love You Jesus!! I Am Bless, I Am A Mother Of 4 Children, And 2 Grandchildren, And My I Am So Blessed To Still Have Both My Parent With Me, They Are 80 Years Of Age, And Still Married! I Am Single, But Married~~ To The Love Of My Life~~jesus Christ!! And I Love Him Soooooooo~~ To God Be The Glory! I Just Pray He Will Use Me To Help Someone Here Or To Encourage Those The Lord Has Given Me. His Grace Is Sufficient!! Love You Lord!! I Guess I Am A Little Full Of The Joy Of The Lord That Overflowed At Church Services Today~~ How Wonderful To Be In The House Of The Lord!! I Am Blessed To Know You All, I Am Sure I Will, I Am Looking Forward To It, Though I Only Have Access To My Compurtor At Work... In His Love ~christy
Hi Christy!

Welcome to talk Jesus, I was also saved about 20 years ago. It's been a glorious ride. We are about the same age. I have 3 childern, no grandbabies, I will be married to my hubby 25 years in august. Would love to hear from you.:love: Jesus is reason I have any of this. He has truly blessed me.

In Christ,

Welcome to the family Christy I am your brother in Jesus Adam. I hope we can share some diamonds of truth and grow together in faith hope and love :thumbs_up

All Praise The Ancient of Days
Staff Member
Hi Christy Ann God bless you and welcome to Talk Jesus :)
Welcome to Talk Jesus Christy was nice of you to stop and tell us about yourself, you do seem on fire for Jesus and that is great to know. Hope to talk to you in chat sometime. Pray you feel welcome here....this is a great group of people. Be Blessed today!
Welcome to TJ Christy ! :love:

"I Am Single, But Married~~ To The Love Of My Life~~jesus Christ!! " Love it!
Welcome to t.j. Christy . hope you meet many friends here . I know you will ! I have . BROTHER
Welcome Christyann, it is a pleasure to get to know you on Talkjesus. I look forward to chatting with you some time. God Bless sister.