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So Thankful

Hey guys just wanna let you all know how greatful I am with the job that god has provided me!! ever since I finished high school in 2002 I have not had a decent job which i have enjoyed or been treated right from my employer, and more recent i have been totally burnt financially!!

I had been trusting god for so long to provide me with a good job, one that i enjoy, get treated fairly and one that helps me out financially!

god provided me with an awesome job which i started on the 4th of july. im a retail sales officer at a mobile phone shop called telstra shop! for those who dont know telstra is the largest telco company in australia and they have approx 200-300 telstra shops accross australia. So far im absolutely loving my job and they are really happy with me, things have been going great!! now that im trained up and on my own for 2 weeks now im 3rd in sales in our store out of about 20 people. and people ive got more sales than have a couple years experience and also do more hours than me aswell, so yeh gods awesome, his provision is awesome!!

there were many times i wanted to give up faith that god would provide me with a good job (obviously satan getting on my case) but i refused to give up faith because i know that god will provide for me and for that all i need to do is be faithful, i was and god really came through for me in a big way!!

for those who are faithful in any situation, please dont lose faith because we have such a faithful god!! and especially any of you who are in desperate need of a job, i know exactly how you feel and i pray that god will provide you with and awesome job just like god provided me with!! stay faithful and he will provide!!
Thats Awesome Brother !!! :thumbs_up Great to hear all God is doing in your life . God bless you Craig . Mike
That's a wonderful word of encouragement. Praise the Lord for your new job Craig :thumbs_up Our God is a faithful God. :shade: