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So much Word of Faith, Prosperity Gospel language and Terminology is Dominating The air ways! And many minds

I have never heard so much 'Nominal" and Word of Faith and Prosperity Gospel Language [ vernacular] pertaining to GOD, Jesus, and The Written WORD in my entire life, than within these last few years. It is Frightening. It is more frightening than the storms, the rains, the fires, the plagues, the droughts, the floods, the wars, The Volcanos, the food shortages. It is scary. And the word "FEW" is taking on a new meaning.:eyes: A "Biblical One".

A lot of people do not sound like Peter, as he was warming himself around the enemies Fire. As Jesus being lead from one judgement hall unto another.:eyes:
Staff Member
when told, "Repent!"
the answer will be, "what do we need to repent of?" "he's mad"

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