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So much in life

My life has been absolutely crazy and upside down lately. So much has been going on and I have exams too! :( - I'll just mention the important stuff though. The last thing I want to do is complain so I'm sorry if it seems like that, but I do want you all to pray for me, and a couple - well I guess a few people for me. My memere (grandma) and my friend just bith got diagnosed with cancer and for my memere, well, she's going to heaven - its my family thst needs the prayers. As for my friend, please pray that her treatments wil go well - actually, God already showed us a miracle. The doctors thought she had cancer in her lungs, foot, and her knee, but when they did the second biopsy, they dicovered she only had cancer in her foot, in the 2 other places, it was just a different type of tissue. Also, I have a few friends who have completely turned on God. They're completely lost, and absolutely need all the prayers they can get because if they keep going like this, well - let's jsut say they won't make it very long. I'm trying hard to lead them back, but they definitely need prayer power. Anyways, I'll stop talking now, I'm sorry I've blabbed on so long, but I hope you take the time to pray for me and these people. It would mean so much to me!
Hey, we're praying for you. I know how you feel; my life's been hectic lately. It seems like every one of my friends (and me) has some sort of. . .huge problem that is ruining their life and the lives of the people around them. And there's so much in my life that shouldn't be there that is causing further stress. So, I can relate to how you must feel. We're praying for you and your friends.

Staff Member
God Bless you both. Have faith in our good Lord Jesus Christ who died for us on Calvary for our eternal peace in Heaven with Him, amen. Prayer is true power of the Holy Spirit and the best way to go if it is always mixed with pure faith. Keep your faith and let good do his miraculous works as always. GBU and I will pray for all of you and your friends.