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So church isn't priority huh?

I was working with a company part time not to long ago and this is where this story takes place. I was working nights for a company. You never knew when you were going to work. I told them that the only constalation was that I needed saturday nights off so i could go to church on sundays because GOD and church come first on my priority list. So these guys schedule me for a saturday after I discussed it with them in a professional manner not to.
So I came in the next day and they said it wasn't going to work out. O.K. I told them agian (the manager of the store and the night manager) that church was most important even before making money. Then they said "you keep going to church" in a sarcastic manner. So I said "I will" in a serious tone.
Once I got laid off I didn't worry one second that I wouldn't have a job to pay the bills. I just trusted in the lord and he told me I would have something soon enough. Well here I am now working days again (thank you Jesus! nights are no good.) earning a dollar an hour more. Thank you lord!
You trusted God, junixmike, and He came through, as always! Oh, I want to learn to do that. Thank you, Jesus, for being faithful once more to junixmike as He was faithful to You and your promises.
Right on bro. Christ one/mockers zip! Keep it up...The father wants to bring a lot more glory to His Son.
Excellent testimony junixmike.

Jesus talked about the sparrows, He see's them all. "you are of more value than many sparrows" Amen

Pray this year will be a good year for you in your new job.

Life can be hard, but afterwards we who are true will reap what Jesus has already done. Grace saves us. God bless