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So as you know, the world is changing for the better.

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Jayson Hal, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. It seems like everyone is happier and better able to function in their daily lives. But now it seems people on the street are feeling uneasy about approaching me. My own friends and family seem to have it worst of all. Can you guys help me out?
    I think I know why it's happening, but I just want to make sure.


    Jayson Hal
    Southeast Florida
  2. @Jayson Hal

    Welcome to Talk Jesus.

    You post is rather strange and I cannot answer your question.

    Are you a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ

    Tell us a little bit more about yourself.
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  3. I have become a believer just two days ago. it seems, however, that everyone is misinterpreting me as if I think I'm Jesus (whom I'm obviously not). It basically all started with my family, then it carried over to my friends, and then the internet. I'm afraid it's going after to whole world, sooner or later.
  4. Perhaps examining your behavior and how you are interacting with others might just give you a solid answer.

    Welcome to TJ
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  5. I've been doing that. Also check out my previous post, just edited it with more detail.
  6. Still is not saying anything.
    I mean, what exactly are you referring to?
    You said you became a believer 2 days ago. So you are saying you are born again or just believing in Jesus?

    How are people treating you differently?
    Oh and Welcome to the Family in Christ. Seriously Welcome.
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  7. Thanks, that means a lot. It means a lot that you're all concerned about my situation.
    I think I'm born again as of January 10th, at some point after I woke up that morning, I had an impulsive need to tell everyone what I thought was wrong with the world. I followed it up with the thought that I thought I was the 2nd coming of Jesus. This caused a lot of concern from my friends and family.
    My best friend online seemed to have had it worst, so I contacted the state he was from to go get someone to check and see if he was all right.

    After that, I had a back-and-forth exchange with various companies and users on Twitter, about half of them showing a hint of sarcasm.
    Soon afterward, Somebody arrived at my aforementioned friend's house (I assume a local police station), and he seemed to be getting better from there on. Not to mention the whole world began thinking more logically and more aware of themselves and their surroundings.

    The problem now is, my family is starting to become overwhelmed, thinking I need to change my behavior and spend my time away from the internet. I disagree with this, though. I still want to what people are saying, and how they are feeling. Is there something I can do to balance out all these actions and feelings and whatnot?

    I'd appreciate any feedback, thank you all so much. <3
  8. First welcome to Talk Jesus @Jayson Hal

    Interesting opening postings!

    A few question, which I hope you don't mind answering. At least to the best of your ability.

    You said you have come to believe. Believe what and how did you come to this belief?

    Why do you think your family and those you have come into contact with believe that you're Jesus and what do you think from your actions or words have led them to this impression?

    Of cause I'm also, curious to what reason you gave them for "What is wrong with the world?".

    And last but not least! Did you miss type this or was it just a thought, or do you believe you are the second coming of Jesus? Oh, I realize that in the prior post you stated, that you did not believe yourself to be Jesus, but then I read the above post. So, I'm trying to nail this one down. Appreciate it!

    With all that being said.
    Once again be welcome to Talk Jesus.

    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
  9. All Christians who are filled with the Holy Spirit are Jesus come again through us, but... we are but the mouthpiece of the Holy Spirit inside us, we are not on the level of the sinless life that Christ lived. Have you lived a sinless life Jayson?
  10. I will admit that when I was first save -- for the first year or so I tried to tell family & friends about Him but it really went nowhere and eventually I gave up. Their eyes & ears were closed. YMMV!
  11. "YMMV"...I think that's it! See, at some point after the new year, my mental capacity had skyrocketed, And I began to understand the world around me, I began thinking in terms of 2's and 3's, how 2 or 3 things cannot exist with 1 other thing. I then realized that everything we know happens for a reason, So then I thought about all the world's issues, namely the political diversity. It's evident now that all humans must come together to bring world peace. After posting these thoughts on various websites, my family and friends began to ask me how I knew all this stuff. And that's when everyone I knew was, in one way or another, believing that I thought I was Jesus.
  12. Greetings Jayson,

    Sounds to me like a light has been switched on somewhere. Now you have to follow the Light, and seek to be in the Light. His name is Jesus.

    What you have described is not you being Jesus. You are not. You can safely tell your friends that, too. In fact, I strongly recommend you cease from any and all suggestion of you being Jesus. People will want to admit you for being a loose nut in society. you don't want that at all.

    Jayson, you are young and that is OK. I was once, too, so I know it is a safe thing to be. But, don't get fanciful about you ability to begin to see or reason things out. There is nothing wrong with doing so, but remember that you are suddenly exploring that which you never knew.

    Please take my advice now: Get the Bible and start reading it. Start at the beginning of the New Testament and read through the Gospels, then follow on from there. Go to a couple of Christian fellowship meetings, like a local 'church' or similar. Ask the Lord to reveal Himself to you and do not accept anything that does not convict your heart of sin and the need for repentance. Repentance being the remorseful attitude of being sorry for your sin before the Lord Jesus Christ, Who died for you that you might be saved, through believing on Him.
    Do not accept thoughts of grandeur about being Jesus. Seek the Lord and you shall find Him. Do not believe any thoughts about anything that does not first and foremost bring you to your knees in repentance and the honest and sincere desire to turn from all past sin and shame to enter in to the rest of God through the Cross of Christ.

    Bless you young man ....><>
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  13. You are a confusing spirit, and have no intention on knowing Him, and are here only to cause confusion. If you really need to talk go read psalms 53, the book of Jonah, and we'll see the truth in you yet.

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