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Smoking give it to god

Just a little note to those of you who are struggling with smoking, you want to give up but you keep going back to them.

Well i smoked for some years and was fed up i kept trying to quit and failing, this is because i did it on me own strength, and i was weak.

i recently just asked god well pleaded with him, father please take away my desire for these cigerettes as if left to me ill always fail, im giving it over to you lord!

before when i tried to give up i had craving for them, well PRAISE THE LORD this time i had no cravings as god has taken them away, he loves us so much even the small things in life he wants to help us with.

We are the temple of the Holy spirit and i cant believe that i infumagated my comforter. i repented and god kept to his word, Stop Smoking by faith not by any other means

Good Luck !
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Praise God for his mighty power ! Thanks for your testimony . :love: :boy_hug: :computer: Mike
Thanks for your testimony,I am about to do the same and finally give this habit and cravings to God.Thanks and God bless you.
God made man.........Indeed. We look for men on the moon 'Doh. We still look else where in the universe for human life.....'Doh.

God made the fish for the sea.....the bird for the air....and God made man form the earth.

If the Lord God Almighty had intended man to smoke......he would have included a chimny on their sculpture.