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Slow flight?

Discussion in 'Jokes & Bible Trivia' started by B-A-C, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Two women are in an airplane seated next to each other flying from New York to California.
    They are both anxious to get to their destination.

    A voice comes over the intercom.. and the pilot says there will be a 15 minute delay because they lost 1 of the engines of the left side. He says not to worry because they have four engines. About 30 minutes go by and the pilot comes back onto the intercom and says the flight is now delayed about 30 minutes because they lost a second engine.

    Both ladies are getting a little frustrated at this point. Another 30 minutes or so go by and pilot say there is a hour delay because they just lost the third engine. One lady turns to the other and says... "I hope that last engine doesn't go out or we'll be up here forever!"
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  2. That made me smile
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  3. One of the best jokes I,ve heard in a long time.
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