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Sky Writing

Staff Member
Sky Writing - December 05, 2005

Recently, my husband and I took our schnauzer into the front yard to play. It was a glorious autumn day, with fall's crispness alive in the air and a perfectly beautiful blue sky to frame this glory.

As we looked up, we noticed something I have not seen for years - a plane was skywriting. We stood with out necks bent, watching this plane as the letters were unfolded for all to read.

What caught my attention was the stream of the white material used to make those letters. When the letters were initially formed, the line was clear and precise. As the unseen current moved in the sky, those letters began to spread out. Before long, they were very difficult to read, and then they disappeared into nothingness.

When I write the letters of God's love across the sky of my life, what happens to them? Do my actions and words stay tightly formed and united so that others may read God's love in my life? Or is the subtle undercurrent of Satan dissipating my Christian walk and talk?

I pray that my life reveals God's love for me and for others in a very precise and unmistakable manner, just like the initial lines of the skywriter. I never want my faith or actions to dissipate into nothingness in the sight of others, but most importantly, in the sight of God.

You too reflect the letters and words of the indwelling God. May they stay sharp and clear; a viable message to those you encounter in your everyday life.

Contributed by Marion Smith