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Sixteen, Sorry and Lost.

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by NatalieAS, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Name: Natalie.
    Age: Sixteen
    Nationality: British, but African Heritage. Live in London, yadayadayada.
    Problem: Masturbation, yeah; shoot me please. Ever since I was around, 13, I met pornography and its been ... Ugh. ITS BEEN UGH! That's a good way to describe it, don't you think? UGGGHHHHHH! I promised someone I wouldn't swear, but its been absolute Poo. Crap. Rubbish. Sodding bloody balls. It's literally really horrible. Help.

    Now I'm a pretty religious child. I REALLY want to go to heaven. I mean, I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go because I REALLY want to tell Abraham how much of a boss he is! Come on, don't tell me what he did wasn't cool! It was beyond cool, IT WAS FRAGGIN AWESOMENESS SUPREME! I'm pretty sure if God told my mum to slaughter me on a slab of stone, they'd have a massive row! There are a lot of people I want to meet, a lot of things I want to see and do. Blah Blah Blah yada yada onto the problem.

    This masturbation problem has become a near addiction. Two months ago, I asked God to give me will power to resist this temptation because I realized after 3 years of trying to stop by myself, it wouldn't work on my own.

    Two months ago I asked God for help, miraculously, fighting off these temptations became much easier. Until a few days ago. It just happened, and the minute I did it, I cried my eyes out whilst searching 'JESUS HELP ME' on Google and this came up.

    The reason why I'm really scared is because I KNOW masturbation is a sin, but I keep doing it anyway and that is REALLY REALLY BAD because that means I am deliberately disobeying God. I KNOW when I die, God is going to flip his ... Uh, flip his stuff. And if he's not furious, he'll do something like send me to hell. A world without a God is... its like... Its not worth it. Its not even worth living, if you ask me. I'd rather be dead, than not have God. Sound a little harsh? Meh, that is just me.

    I have friends, I have family, I have a life I want to live and all that jazz. But GOD is above all of that, he is the Alpha and Omega. Who gives a sod about material things when you have an awesome spirit that allowing you to breathe?

    God's my DAD. Yeah, I have a step Dad and a real Dad, but God is the REAL REAL DAD. A real budding Dad that actually cares. I want God to look at me and when he does, I want him to be able to see the love I have for people, the love I have for everyone, the respect I give. I want God to look at me and see how much I tried to impress, see how much I love him. I really do love him. Then, hopefully I'll get a hug.

    And it'll be the best hug in the universe. It'll be the greatest hug, EVER. It'll be like... like... it'll be unfathomable.
  2. Welcome Natalie

    Please find a lively church, go along and expect to be blessed in Jesus.

    All the stuff that you mention is of the snake. Only Jesus and His power can give 'life'
  3. Hey Natalie, don't beat yourself up about this whole thing. In some ways I don't think mast. is wrong. There isn't a man or woman walking this earth that isn't guilty of it. Yes, it can become a sin problem for some when porn is involved. Get free from the porn and the mast. will diminish......not vanish , but it will diminish. A sexual desire is God given just like a desire for food or any other pleasure , its harnessing it in a Biblical, Holy context thats important. Difficult to do yes when your a single young adult but it can be controlled with Gods help. The main thing is to keep seeking Christ and his face and keep yours in His Word. This mast. thing may never go away completely ,and Satin definitely won't either, just don't let his condemnation kick you down. Your a Child of God secure in His hand and neither Satin or your mast. can remove you from it.

    Fight on Soldier.
  4. If You Believe

    Hey, Wow, I love you even though I have never seen you!

    I am alot older than 16yrs old and I can't really relate to your age group any longer:), and I don't think I have ever had your particular trial/storm, but I have been and I am going through trials/storms right now in my life that deal with things I think I should be able to control on my own and it to troubles my heart.

    I to know and feel my Savior's heart must break when I even myself do something that I can't seem to control. I know if it bothers me (you) it bothers Him. I do know however, that He knows everything we are going to say or do before we even make a move or before we were even born. So obviously He isn't surprised!

    I to am struggling with trying to let God be God and take the role He wants me to play in His plans He has for me. Plans not to harm us, but to prosper us, to give us hope for a future (Jerm 29:11). It's the seeking with all your heart that we may miss the mark, so to speak.

    He so desparetly wants us to totally trust Him. To totally let Him make our paths straight, instead of us. He totally wants all of us, the whole being and we just can't seem to let go of some part of self.

    It's like just falling backwards and praying someone will catch you. Well, He will catch us, because He has never let go of us!!!

    He loves us just the way we are. He forgives us no matter what. As far as the east is from the west, and the sins are gone as far as the deeps of the sea. They are gone, wiped clean, white as snow because of one ultimate Sacrafice, from One only Father, that sent One only Son, that Loved so much that He would have came and died on that tree just for one sinner. That's true unconditional Love!!!

    I pray for your strength to let go of the things you can not change and let Might Powerful God do His thang!!!

    In The Only Love I Know, Christ Love
    May God Supremely Bless You!
  5. AWWW THANKS GUYS! :DDDD This has helped me a lot, I feel my confidence growing now! YEAH! I can do this, woohoo! This forum is so COOOOOOL! <3 <3 <3 :) You guys are cool!

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