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Sister's Abusive Marriage

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Amby, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. Hello, my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus!
    My prayer request is for my dear sister,
    Tara (born again), who is experiencing both physical and emotional abuse from her husband (
    not born again but sanctified by his wife).
    They have 1 child, a precious 5 year old boy.
    Also, he is/was committing adultery openly! and the woman speaks with my sister; showing her things her husband has done behind her back (
    this included more adultery from other women). :confusion:

    My sister was away from him for 3 years (she remained celibate) and just now returned around September, I believe.
    Even before she left, he was severely abusive, as she had to flee to a new city. :frown:
    He broke her front tooth (fixed now, Hallelujah!), caused severe trauma/stress
    on Tara where she has some traumatic vitiligo (I think) and i don't know what else he had done.

    When my sister returned,
    her husband and Jade were STILL seeing each other! Jade stated he was either already divorced or in the process of being.

    What angered me so much was that now
    my sister returned, those 2 were
    still in fling like no care in the world!
    even posting pic(s) on Facebook!)
    And have the audacity to ask if they could take their child with them to Six Flags!

    The woman named Jade, stated she had a miscarriage from him and that he hit her before. Jade also, received physical/emotional abuse.
    He punched Jade in the eye either
    yesterday or before, for her taking his phone and part of the text message she sent my sister stated, "you asked for it".

    My sister's husband smokes weed and drinks lots of alcohol.
    Tara even told me he once said that he doesn't care if he goes to hell or something like that.
    My sister has been warning him about his sins and GOD'S wrath.
    However she cannot go on longer and wants a divorce.

    This is a very messy triangle of sorts
    and I have prayed that Jade would leave out of this, never to be seen again.
    And for my sister's husband to repent of his sins and believe The Gospel (he is catholic).

    Bless you and thank you all for the prayers!
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  2. I will pray that God works things out in this situation, as your sister wishes it to be. However, from everything you have stated in your post, my question is "why" would she even want to remain with this man?
  3. I am also praying for this situation.
  4. Praying that God's perfect will be done in this situation.
  5. Holy Spirit you are the Helper. Please save this man's soul from destruction and help this poor woman to find peace and restoration of their marriage.
    She obviously still loves him. Fear and rejection hinders us from leaving destructive relationships. Holy Spirit help them in Jesus name!
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  6. She wanted to stay to honor GOD (by not divorcing).
    Today I confirmed with my sister whether or not her husband wanted to stay with her.
    My sister let me know he told her that he doesn't want to stay with her.

    I know in GOD'S WORD in Corinthians 1 7:15 (KJV), Paul states
    But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases: but God hath called us to peace.

    My sister now no longer wishes to remain in this marriage.
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  7. Although she does have scriptural legal grounds for the divorce since he was committing adultery, I understand that relationship situations can be very complex, not as easy as black and white.

    Praying for her and her family during this most difficult time.

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