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sister and baby

if you could all pray for my sister and neice today. My sister is a young mom who is having a c-section today in about an hour. Shes 8 months along but the baby hasnt grown much. Thats why there getting the baby out today. The baby hasnt had room to grow for some reason. There expecting the little one to be about 2lbs2oz. So very tiny. Please pray that the baby and my sister will be o.k. That that little precious baby girl will be healthy and pray for its survival on teh long road ahead. Thank you and I'll let you know how it goes. GBU

having had the pleasure of witenessing 3 out of the four births, and with two of them being sections, i can to some degree understand your concerns for your sister

dear Lord, i beseech Thee this day to protect this woman, this child of Yours. protect her and bring her through Your grace to a safe haven in Your arms

i also ask that You protect the fruit of her womb. bring them safely into this world, guide them in all that they do, and make them a true servant of Yours

God bless

Jess I pray that all has gone well for them both. Lord watch over our sister's family and grant them your divine healing.Amen.
Scrappy - thanks for yoru reposnce and thanks for yoru prayers. I wasnt worried about her having a csection.. Ive had two and there pretty safe. But that the baby is about a 1/3 of the weight that a full term newborn should be.

thank you both for yoru responces. I am very happy to announce that she is almost 3 lbs. She is in a incubator and will be in the hospital for about 5 weeks. But she is healthy and so is the mom. Thanks for the prayers!! GBU
praise the Lord

praise His Holy name

that is wonderful news jess

just wonderful

may the Lord bless this daughter of His, and may He bring her to know His love eternal

any news on a name yet :shade:

God bless