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Single mother's prayer request

Would you please pray that my two sons, come back to the light of Christ and that they both get jobs. I am a single mother and I could use their financial help. Also, please pray that I remain so close to my Father and that I feel His gentle love, within me. Pray too, that the Holy Spirit guides and guides me closer to the path that Jesus would want me on. :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: Thank you
Staff Member
God bless you Pixie. I am going to pray for you
Lord I pray in your sons glorious name that you meet the sincere needs of our sister. Constently remind her in this season of her life Lord that you are the true fullfiflment of her every need and desire in life. Let the radiants of your HOLY SPIRIT transcend her to a higher state of trust and understanding. Let the arms of your LOVE and eternal PEACE embrase her firmly, keeping her upright, and firmly planted in your will. Lord let her stand strong in spirit and truth so that when her sons witnesss her commitment to you they shall feel the holy sprit speaking in there own hearts a divine testimony of the awsome POWER and life you give to your children who except JESUS as LORD and SAVIOR. Lord we know that it doesn't come in the circumstances or emotions of life but rather in our faith and how we choose to react to the storms when they come. In the midst of your many promises help us to focuss on them. We know Lord it always is to strengthen us not to tear us down. We know that although it may hurt now it will never compare to the eternal glory we shall witness when we meet you before your heavenly throne. LORD WE TRUST IN YOU! IN JESUS NAME...AMEN I was once like your sons and GOD brought me back. I know where they are and offer you the hope that with Gods grace they can be turned around as I was. It is up to you to stay focused and unyielding in your faith. You must always allow Christ before your self to shine through. DO NOT FEAR THE ENEMY OF THIS WORLD! This will be a blazing light to them through your steadfast example they could never be able to deny. It doesn't always happen as soon as we would pray for it to. At times because of pride they may not admit the truth of what they see through you. They may even get angry or impossible to deal with. It is sometimes hard to admit we go in wrong directions but deep in their hearts they will not be able to escape the truth nor what Christ has done for you. Give it time.
Thank you all so much. Slave to Christ, that was a deeply spirited prayer you said for myself and my sons. God bless you, for you do have faith. Thank you and I am sure the Lord hears such beautiful prayers from all of you.