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Singing in the Fire!

Staff Member
Scripture Reading:Hebrews 4:9-16
Scripture Text: "For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin." Hebrews 4:15 (KJV)
Many who know of the story of Mrs. Charles Spurgeon will know that she suffered in sickness for over a quarter of a century. She had a favorite room where she called her "cozy room" and there she would often retreat just to "consider" her precious Lord.

One particular evening as she lay on her couch in her "cozy room", while all was bright inside of the room, some of the darkness of the night outside seemed somehow to creep in upon her, and she was moved in her spirit to prayer.
In her prayers, through great sorrow, she asked God why He would permit her to linger so in such weakness, when it so hindered the sweet service she longed to render unto His children. Following what probably was a great deal of tears and a heaving of her spirit in disquieted emotion - there was silence. Complete . . . total silence!

While she had not expected God to answer her question with a booming voice of authority giving her the answer that she sought, she had not expected such silence either. There was, in fact, no sound whatsoever in her "cozy room" except for the crackling of the log burning in the fireplace. Suddenly there was a whistle that turned somewhat into a song. She listened, and thought maybe God had sent a sweet little songbird to her window seal. But there was no bird. As She listened more intently she realized that it was just the log in the fireplace. It seems the fire was "loosing" the imprisoned songs of the old oak's inner heart. Perhaps it too had seen better days when the songbird she had hoped for on "her" window seal would sing his praises to God. A better time when the birds would swoop from one of it's branches to another, and the soft sunlight streaked
his tender leaves with gold, and the cool wind of the evening would promise the touch of God's early morning nectar dampening the ground about his roots and bringing him a fresh drink of water.

All of a sudden she thought about how affliction often draws the songs of praise from us. Then when we are purified by the fires - God is Glorified!

Strangely she found the answer to her question, and her faith swelled as she spoke right out loud, "Singing in the Fire!" Then she heartily resolved - "Father, If that's the only way to get harmony out of these old apathetic hearts of ours, let the furnace be heated even seven times hotter than before.

It doesn't matter what condition you are in when you reach for Him - what's important is. . . that you reach.

Let's Pray.

Father, as we begin this new series on "Invoking The Power", we seek your wisdom and your guidance, and your precious Holy Spirit to teach us how to not only invoke the power and authority of Jesus' Name in times of trouble and despair, but how to walk in that Divine Power and Authority everyday. We give you all of The Glory Father, In Jesus Name, Amen.
* Do your part to prepare the way for Jesus. Invite someone you know to join us each weekday, In The Garden. God bless you.
Singing in the Fire

After I read the story, I was thinking that prayer is a great warfare wepon. With
out prayer we would be defeated. Iam so glod that we can go to God in prayer.
God bless