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Sin = Pain

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Are the two synonymous and / or mutually inclusive?

I believe we can learn a lot about God's laws and reasoning by better grasping the link between sin and pain.

Some examples that suggest they are mutually inclusive:

1. There was no pain and suffering on earth until Adam's sin.

It is hard to understand all the suffering that takes place on earth today. But, it is a fact that before Adam's disobedience there was no pain and suffering of any kind on earth. Gen 3:17 says ''cursed is the ground because of you''.

2. When Jesus paid for our sins He endured pain and suffering.

An interesting thought that all Jesus had to do was die for our sins but yet He endured a cruel beating and death on a cross. Why not a type of lethal injection or a quick stoning to death? It please God to see Him bruised for our sin Isa 53:10.

3. All God's laws are in place to stop / contain sin and thereby avoid pain and suffering.

We often think of God as a painful dictator who makes ridiculous laws that we have no choice but to obey. But a closer examination of God's laws reveals a great truth. All His laws are to avoid pain and suffering. Obeying God's laws result in no pain to others and also, no pain to God. Do not commit the sin of adultery = no pain to the faithful spouse. Do not commit the sin of idolatry = no pain to God, for He is a jealous God Exo 34:14.

4. We can be sick due to Adam's sin. We can also be sick due to our sin.

Psalm 107:17 because of their iniquities, were they afflicted.

I see a difference between God's wrath on the wicked and His ''law'' of pain and suffering for sin. God's wrath in the form of destruction via fire and brimstone or a flood and plagues at increasing levels of severity are as a result of sin but they are not the only consequence of sin. The reality is that sin and pain are synonymous. When one lives in a state of sin, pain is there too.

I feel this train of thought also adds some truths to what hell will be like. A place of unrepentant sinners. You have sin. You want to continue in sin. The person next to you has sin. They want to continue in sin. All unrepentant. There has to a ''bruising'' of sort that pleases God. A punishment for sin. Then living for eternity in a place of darkness where sinful thoughts and desires abound, it is hard to not imagine constant pain and suffering in such a place.

We have to understand pain for sin as more then just a punishment God has on sin. It is like a fixed law that is in place. One that even God is not exempt from (Per point 2).

I guess what we must grasp with no doubt is that if we are in pain, we should first examine ourselves for sin.
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