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Simple, Yet Powerful Praise

Want to share this praise with you.

I am Lifted Up

[left]When men are cast down, [/left]
[left]I am lifted up.[/left]

[left]He reaches down from on high[/left]
[left]And takes hold of me,[/left]
[left]He draws me out of deep waters,[/left]
[left]He rescues me from my foes[/left]
[left]Who are too strong for me.[/left]

[left]The Lord is my support, [/left]
[left]He it is who arms me with strength,[/left]
[left]And makes my way perfect.[/left]
[left]He gives me his shield for victory[/left]
[left]And his right hand sustains me.[/left]

[left]When men are cast down,[/left]
[left]I am lifted up.[/left]
[left]When a thousand fall on this side[/left]
[left]And ten thousand on the other side,[/left]
[left]I, I am lifted up.[/left]

[left]He stoops down to make me great,[/left]
[left]He makes my feet like those of a deer;[/left]
[left]He enable me to stand on the heights[/left]
[left]When men are cast down,[/left]
[left]I am lifted up.[/left]

[left]Praise be to my Rock,[/left]
[left]Exalted be God my Saviour,[/left]
[left]Who lifts me up.[/left]
[left]When men are cast down.[/left]

[left]This short praise which derives from sections of Psalm 18, has helped me focus on the vision that God had of me when He first thought of me. Especially when I go through trying times. [/left]

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