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Simple thought's!

i have a simple though for you all. please Feel More than Welcomed to Answer...

How Often do we all pray for other peoples relationship's?.. do we wait to be asked for some one's relationship by them or do we go out of our way to do the good and pray for them any way??
how often do you pray for your own relationship...
how often do you Pray with god about your relationship with him even?

Love Simon!!!
Hi Ichthus...those are good questions. I pray for other people lots of times - their relationships also. I don't wait til they ask. If you have a "feeling" you should pray for someone specifically, that's God placing them on your heart. He's giving you a burden to lift them up in prayer. He does that for us & will do it more & more often as we are faithful to pray.

I try to pray for my own relationships & my relationship with God on a daily basis. We are told in scripture to "die daily to self".

I don't know if this will help you, but this is how I keep up lots of times when I am praying. It's easy for the mind to wander & before you know it, you're just plain tired & can't remember what you covered. I use my hand as a guide. I'll explain:
Thumb - those closest to me, my family & loved ones. Also when I pray for my Talk Jesus family.
Forefinger (the pointing finger) - I pray for the accusers of the brethren. Those people who have hurt me & even the enemies we have in actual battle (when my son was in Iraq, I prayed for the hearts of the enemy soldiers to be softened to receive God).
Middle finger - it stands the tallest so I pray for those in leadership - of our country & down to your own city. Also pray for pastors here.
Rind finger - the weakest finger. I pray for those who are sick & those in the care of others. Also pray for children & families in general here.
Pinkie - the one farthest away. This is where I pray for myself & my relationships.

I found this guide several years ago & it has been most helpful. I'm sorry, I don't remember who to credit for coming up with it.