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Simple Praise

Jesus, You are truly the Son of God, the Creator Most High and Your Kingdom will be endless. I want to be with You and all my family in Heaven. You are doing the will of God, so perfectly Jesus, that salvation will soon be upon us. Thank You Jesus, Holy Spirit and dear Father. You are an awesome God. What a Beautiful Creation You are offering us Jesus, made perfect by You, because for sure my Brother in truth, even the dead will rise to bow down to You. All my smiles are because of You God. Jesus, our Maker trusted You with reason and You are a true success story. I am so proud to call myself Your sister and so readily accept all that You are, into my heart. Give us so many ways to praise You Lord, because You have always given us a reason to. May the weeds be quickly picked and cast away and may the Beautiful Wheat and the Wildflowers be harvested for Your Glory Jesus. Our Creator gives You His Kingdom, knowing full well, You give back everything to Him. I love You Jesus. Thank You Father, for giving my true Brother and true Family, back to me. I will praise Your Son forever, just as You have asked. Keep speaking to me Jesus, I love to listen to Your Brotherly love.
Love Pixie:love:
Staff Member
That was very beautiful and refreshing pixie thank you for that prayer to GOD :)