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Silenced Screams

Staff Member

Today is our deadline to amplify your voice at the U.N. for Christians.

Christians are facing unprecedented slaughter. Up to 1.8 million Christians have been slaughtered or are fleeing for their lives in the Middle East.

It's genocide. But their screams are being silenced.

Sign the Petition Now

Today we are presenting a major address directly to the U.N. demanding it call these horrific atrocities against Christians “genocide” and provide Christians critical legal protections.

Already we’ve helped secure legislation in two critical international bodies – including the European Parliament – recognizing the genocide against Christians.

Next week is the congressionally mandated deadline for President Obama to declare whether the U.S. will join the world in recognizing the genocide.

We've filed legal letters, amicus briefs, documents, and testimony at the State Department, U.N., and international courts to defend persecuted Christians from genocide.

Today is our critical deadline at the U.N. Already 387,152 have signed our petitions worldwide. But Christians facing a fate worse than death need your voice now.

Sign Our Urgent Petition: Call It Genocide; Protect Christians.

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel