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Sign of the Times "Right in our own eyes"

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Judges 17:6

"In those days [there was] no king in Israel; everyone did [what was]
right in his own eyes."

Judges 21:25

"In those days [there was] no king in Israel; everyone did [what was]
right in his own eyes. (12) There is a way [that seems] right to a man,
But its end [is] the way of death.

A conservative radio talk show out of Atlanta caught my ear one day as a discussion developed about the moral and ethical standards of youth today. Callers, young and old, gave their wisdom or the lack thereof. At one particular time, the subject matter had narrowed down to how young adults and teenagers evaluate what makes a person good or bad.

The next caller was Natalie, a 17-year-old girl who lives in an upper-middle-class neighborhood and achieves a B+ average in school. As her comments continued, it became clear that Natalie judged her own life by what others around her were doing and saying. Her moral and ethical standards did not come from the Bible or from standards taught to her by her parents. Her standards were based solely upon what was acceptable to her peers - those "wise" counselors who encourage individualism but all dress, act, and speak the same.

As Natalie vainly described her lifestyle, it was amazing to realize her total removal from reality and moral responsibility. She said she did not sleep around - she only has sex with her boyfriend (whoever that is that particular week). She does not drink alcohol - except at parties (which she attends several times a week). She defensively sighed, "I'm not bad, not like the others."

She claims she only smokes pot about two times during the school week and occasionally before school in the morning - but not as much as most kids. When she goes to school stoned, the teachers know it, but no one mentions it. According to Natalie, most kids in her high school smoke pot mixed with LSD "because they go together so well." She has tried it, but does not smoke it regularly (only a few times a month). Natalie admits, "Pot definitely affects my memory, definitely. There's a lot I can't remember. But everybody does it! I don't do it like the others. Not as often."

Natalie justified herself by saying, "I'm not bad, not like the others. I think I'm a pretty good person, I haven't killed anybody. I know it's wrong to do drugs, but it's the only thing I do wrong. I'm a pretty good person. I haven't killed anybody yet!"

The announcer was stunned, "Are you telling me, because you haven't killed anyone - yet - that makes you a good person?"

In a matter-of-fact way Natalie replied, "Well, yes!"

What a sad indictment of the society in which we live that children have descended to the level of moral bankruptcy. Natalie is a typical product of this society. She is the fruit of a nation that has rejected the way of the righteous God. As the children of Israel did throughout most of their history, Natalie does whatever seems right in her own eyes (Judges 17:6; 21:25).

Martin G. Collins
That girl's testimony is unfortunately reflective of her parents and the parents of so many others who attend a church service for a couple of hours a week and eat nothing but garbage the rest of the time. Even in those couple of hours where they are gathered, it is in many such services a rare thing for two or three to be IN HIS NAME. What is man's purpose? What is our purpose? Our best testimony is not in our words alone, but in our lives as we live them. What is it that people see in us? Or are we invisible to the world? Are we just another one of the guys?
So sad, but so true. But, the drugs and alcohol are just part of it. There are also the smart phones, tablets and PCs which facilitate the sexting, and the pornography viewing by so many children today because the parents just hand them these internet devices with no parental controls, or with weak controls that they naively think their children will not find a way around. Not all children go bad because they have parents who are setting bad examples for them, though. Peer pressure is much stronger than any parental influence. But, parental influence is also very strong, so parents must take that responsibility very seriously.
Parents? What Parents? We really expect liberal television, video games, liberal education (public schools) and daycare to raise our children?
With no parents at home raising children it is any wonder this is the state of the current generation?
I'm going to add to this from another perspective. Mental Health.
In terms of parenting, regardless of what your view is on mental health medications. I'll just say that being
in the profession ( working 12 years as a School based therapist, Intensive Outpatient Coordinator, Clinic therapist, Social Services Supervisor,
Clinical Supervisor, and currently School based behavioral coordinator )
I will say from my experience, I notice that parents often try to let the medication and video games parent their children instead of making time
for their children.

So for example, little Johnny lacks focus and attention, instead of mother or daddy(usually is a single mother, not condemning just an observation)
spending time with little Johnny to help him focus on relationship through their interactions or learning positive behaviors through healthy engagement
with the parents, they just have Johnny in his room playing video games and they send Him to the doctor for medication because He can't behave.

Well maybe little Johnny is hyper because mommy and daddy don't make time for him, and being a parent is hard so I'm not pointing the finger or condemning
any parent. It is super hard, I'm just stating an observation that often times the easy route is to let technology and medications babysit/parent, but the more appropriate route but it is harder, is to invest time in your children. Everyone get off the tablet, cell phones, and computers, and go out as a family and just spend
quality time together, that has so much value. Pray together. Pray for each other. Process the day together as a family. Share with each other what made you happy today, what made you scared today. etc etc.