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sick video footages

snowadays, here many teens love to see shocking footage of videos of beheading, killing, rape etc, but i dont know why i cant bear it, i mean my gut is REALLY STRONG, i am not the like of "ewwww" but everytime i see cruelty, i feel bad, even of the cruelty is not gory or bloody, i still feel bad, like i mean if u have to choose me between a footage of embalming and actual hanging of a man, i will choose embalming coz it doesnt affect me at all, but when it comes to see people dying, i feel bad( but theres like exception like i want to see cruel people suffer!). for me i am not agains viewing "shocking" videos in someway it well teach you to be carefull, it will give u the sign of the lastdays, the point is, i just cant understand why many people are happy seeing that footage, i mean, when we watch that video, some of my friend are so sad, some are shock but some are like "oh yeah" i can see they are smiling while the guy is being killed, and that is so sick, sicker than the beheading it self, i am like "what will his family feels", my really point is, its ok if people want to show some shocking documentaries, the thing is if they do it for what? are they doing it for showing the other side of life? or they doing it just to have fun, that will make the difference, i believe that being happy seeing someone dying is product of satan, you bros and sis what do you think?
The same with people obsesed with horrors. Whats the point and those who sit and laugh in horrors when people are killed I cant even watch the passion of the Christ I have twice before but I dont want to watch it... I have to force myself to watch and not look away. The other day i watched law and order on a rape victim and even that made me feel bad and groce and scare I didn't want to watch cause it was scaring me.


Have your friends been saved? Are the documentaries reenactments of events or live events? Sometimes people get de-sensitized. When I was a teenager I used to watch films like 'nightmare on Elm Street' I watched it because my friends picked it, it was almost like a bravery test or something. I watched it for the excitement and thrill factor a bit like being on a rollercoaster. I would watch it through my hands and hide behind a cushion. Although, the film was an eighteen certificate, we still were able to get hold of it from our local rental shop, (back then the law was not as tight) and shopkeepers were not prosecuted for it.

I think I must have been permanently traumatised by watching those sort of films because I get spooked really easily, to the extent that a few years ago I went to see Jurassic Park (I think that film was a PG) at the cinema and freaked out, screamed and jumped about 10 feet out of my seat!!! I personally think it is very wise to dislike horror and gory things unless you want to be a nervous wreck!!!!

Take care and God Bless